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Paralegal FAQs

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Here are some questions that paralegals most frequently ask about the firm and experiences of working at Lehman, Lee & Xu:

Does Lehman, Lee & Xu hire paralegals who continue on to law school?

We have an open-door policy and we see it as a win-win situation that paralegals, who have left the firm to earn their law degrees wish to return to Lehman, Lee & Xu as associates. In that way all involved parties are familiar with the firm's culture, teams, clients and work style.

What is Lehman, Lee & Xu's policy on office dress codes?

Business dress policy.

How much work after hours is expected?

Just like in every other successful law firm you must expect to work hard. But we also believe that, for the sake of health and quality of our work output, it is important that no one sacrifices life for work. It is worth noting that compared to a US or European firm, since you will be living and working in a different and perhaps new culture, by necessity the work environment and attitude toward work will be different.

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