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First Year Associates

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Making the decision of what career path to pursue out of law school is an important one. The opportunities have never been so diverse or numerous. It is valuable to work in an entrepreneurial firm like Lehman, Lee & Xu. Working in China is also extremely interesting and diverse. With our national network of offices, there are many options to explore.

What to Expect.
Here's what you can expect and what we expect of first year associates who join the firm:

  • Interesting legal work. Lehman, Lee & Xu is an established firm with an entrepreneurial culture. You get to handle serious matters sooner than at most firms our size. Many first year associates get actual trial experience and have taken the lead on transactions. Client responsibilities are assigned based on interest, talent-and, of course, your ability to deliver results.
  • Direct client interaction. For each client, we form a legal team led by a partner that includes associates at all levels. We believe that this team approach provides the client and our legal team with open communications. As a first year associate, you'll be responsible for specific assignments and working with your team and the client.
  • Teamwork. We emphasize teamwork and pride ourselves on treating each individual as a valued member. We encourage first year associates to have open working relationships in order to interact with as many partners and associates as possible, which in turn will enhance your learning experience.
  • Training. As mentioned our firm culture is entrepreneurial, which is why we recruit resourceful people who function independently. Your training will be within your practice area with hands-on learning from senior attorneys of Lehman, Lee & Xu.

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