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Implementation Measures of State Council Regulations on Working Hours of Employees - 1995

(Promulgated by the Ministry of Personnel, and effective on May 1, 1995)


Article 1
These measures of implementation are formulated in accordance with the State Council Regulations on Working Hours of Employees (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations)

Article 2
These measures are applicable to the employees of State departments, social groups and institutional units, located within the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China.

Article 3
The employees should work 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week. Government departments and institutions should implement a unified schedule of working time that specifies Saturdays and Sundays as weekly days of rest. In implementing this system, steps should be taken to ensure that work assignment are fulfilled. For those government departments and institutions which have close bearing on people's security, health care and other daily life, and their continuous operation is needed on the State designated weekly days of rest and holidays, they should coordinate in personnel and shift arrangement, strengthen inner-unit management, ensure regular operation in Saturdays and Sundays, in order to accommodate the life of the people.

Article 4
For those employees working under special circumstances and on special assignments, and their working hours need to be shortened appropriately, the relevant provincial, autonomous regional, centrally-governed municipal and ministerial department can make such suggestion to their relevant superior authorities, and report to the Ministry of Personnel for approval.

Article 5
For those employees working on such jobs, the particular nature and responsibility of which make it impossible to follow the standard working system of 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week, the non-permanent working time or an accumulated working hours system, or other specific working and resting procedures can be implemented, but only after the industrial administrative departments of the State Council formulate an implementation plan and report it to the Ministry of Personnel for approval.

For the departments and work units, which cannot implement the State unified working and resting time system because of job restrictions, they can, according to their own circumstances, adopt such measure as taking rotations and flexibly arranging the employees' weekly days of rest, while reporting it to the personnel department of the same level for record.

Article 6
The employees' working hours may be prolonged under the following circumstances:

(1) that emergency treatment is needed when people's health or safety or State property are in serious danger, because of natural disaster, accident or other causes;

(2) that State urgent task or other urgent tasks as arranged by the superior departments need to be fulfilled.

Article 7
Departments or institutions, having prolonged the employees' working hours in accordance with Article 6 of this Implementing Measures, should arrange for them to enjoy corresponding extra time of rest as compensation.

Article 8
For certain institutional units which find themselves having genuine difficulty in implementing the Regulations as from May 1, 1995, they are allowed to appropriately postpone its date of implementation, but not later than January 1, 1996. During the period of postponing the implementation of the Regulations, the current relevant State regulations on working hours should be duly observed.

Article 9
The personnel administrative departments at various levels shall undertake to supervise and inspect the implementation of the Regulations.

Article 10
The personnel administrative departments of People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and centrally-governed municipalities, and the State Council's industrial administrative departments should put forward their implementing suggestions in accordance with the Regulations, these Implementing Measures and also their specific circumstances, and report them to the Ministry of Personnel for record.

Article 11
These Implementing Measures come into effect as of May 1, 1995.

Article 12
The Ministry of Personnel will be responsible for interpreting these Implementing Measure.

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