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Reply of the Supreme People's Court on the Copyright of Meeting Speech Written by Others on Behalf But Published in the Name of Individual Shall Be Owned by Such Individual - 1988

(Min Ta Zi [1988] No.21 June 9, 1988)


The High People's Court of Shanghai Municipality:

We hereby acknowledge the receipt of your Request for Instructions (1988) Hu Gao Min Ta Zi No. 3 on the Disputed Case over the Copyright between Jin Wenming and Luo Zhufeng. Upon review and consulting related departments, we hereby reply as follows:

Luo Zhufeng, chief editor of the Chinese Language Dictionary gave a speech at the meeting for establishment of China Language Society, and this speech gave an introduction to the progress of the edition of "Chinese Language Dictionary". Although the speech was written by Jin Wenming and other three persons who are staff of the Editorial Office of the Chinese Language Dictionary, the knew when writing this speech that it was prepared for Luo Zhufeng to give a speech at the meeting. Luo Zhufeng organized and presided over the preparation of the outlines of this speech in the status of chief editor, made modifications and finalized the speech. Then Luo Zhufeng gave speech in the name of individual. Therefore, Luo Zhufeng's speech is not common works, and its copyright shall be owned by Luo Zhufeng solely. Luo Zhufeng's agreement to publishing this speech on other periodicals in his own name does not constitute the infringement upon copyright of others. Since Jin Wenming and other writers spent their labor for the preparation of this speech, Luo Zhufeng, after obtaining remuneration, may pay corresponding amount to them.

So replied.

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