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Catalogue of Encouraged Hi-tech Products for Foreign Investment - 2003

(Promulgated by The Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Commerce
on June 2, 2003)


Compilation Comments In order to further attract and encourage foreign investment in high-tech industry, to introduce advanced applicable technologies from abroad and to strengthen abilities of internal assimilation and independent innovation, based on the former Catalogue of Chinese High-tech Products, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Commerce worked cooperatively to formulate the Catalogue of Encouraged Hi-tech Products for Foreign Investment (hereinafter referred to as Catalogue). The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Commerce invited specialists in various technological fields to assess and designate the high-tech products in the Catalogue. 721 items in the Catalogue of Chinese High-tech Products are selected and 196 items that have a big gap between China and abroad and that should be developed imperatively in terms of technology and equipment. The high-tech products listed in the Catalogue are classified into eleven types in accordance with technological domain. They are electronics and information, software, aeronautics and astronautics, opto-mechatronics, biomedicine and medical equipment, new material, new energy and efficient energy saving, environmental protection, geospace and ocean, nuclear applied technology and modern agriculture.

Electronics and Information Computer and Computer Peripheral Equipments
1 Supercomputer (ten billion times and above)
2 Top-grade server (which comprises subsystems, such as supervisory control of network, disk, security, etc)
3 Large-scale simulation and emulation system
4 Large-scale industrial controlling machine and controlling unit
5 Computer digital signal processing board
High-speed, high-capacity memory system equipment
7 Wide-roll, high-resolution color printing equipment
8 Wide-roll, high-definition color Xerox equipment
9 Digital input liquid crystal display for flat PC
10 DVD reading and recording laser head
11 Printing head of high-resolution color printer (1200dpi and above)
12 Computer hard disk and its pivotal parts (120G and above)
13 Distance, non-tangible IC card and related implements
14 Hand-held GPS receiver
15 Graphics and image identifying and processing system
16 Wireless network interface adapter
17 Mobile PDA for wireless network
18 Hand-held inspection equipment for wireless network terminal
19 Data collection station for wireless network terminal Microelectronics and Photoelectron device
20 LSIC with line thickness°‹0.18 micrometer
21 Power electronic device
23 CCD devices
24 MCT infrared detector
25 CMOS image sensor
26 LED epitaxial wafer
27 High-brightness light-emitting diode (LED)
28 Blue and white luminotron
29 Fourth generation of (920°Ń720mm) and above polysilicon TFT-LCD and its support pieces
30 PDD flat display and its pivotal pieces
31 New-type LCOS display
32 Chip semiconductor device
33 Chip multi-layer compound device
34 Chip quartz crystal resonator
35 Chip ceramic and quartz crystal filter Communication Equipment and Products
36 High-end router
37 IP data communication equipment
38 Thousand Mb/s and above network exchanger
39 Communication equipment for broadband fiber access network
40 Communication equipment for fixed wireless access network
41 Digital trunked Communication equipment
42 10Gb/s and above SDH fiber communication equipment
43 Fiber wavelength-division multiplexer
44 OXC equipment
45 Fiber preformrod
46 3G mobile Communication Base Station
47 3G mobile communication exchange equipment
48 3G mobile phone
49 CDMA mobile Communication Base Station
50 CDMA mobile communication exchange equipment
51 CDMA mobile phone
52 622Mb/s and above SDH digital microwave transmission equipment
53 Microcomb wireless communication equipment
54 Satellite communication and transmission equipment
55 Velocity°›10Gb/s laser for light communication
56 Light communication metering and check-out equipment
57 GSM, CDMA and IMT-2000 mobile communication check-out equipment Broadcast and Television Technology and Products
58 Broadcast grade SDTV and HDTV digital CCD phonograph
59 Broadcast grade digital video recorder
60 Broadcast grade digital television monitor
61 Digital video switch
62 Digital audio sound console
63 Multi-track digital audio decoder
64 MPEG code stream recording equipment
65 MPEG code stream editing equipment
66 Digital television program storing system equipment
67 Digital television broadcast MUX
68 TV Standards Converter
69 Digital television source (high definition television) encoder and decoder
70 Digital television converter
71 Equipment of data transaction broadcasting system for digital television
72 Digital television broadcasting transmitter
73 Digital sound broadcasting transmitter
74 Digital television broadcasting SFN equipment
75 CATV QAM modulator
76 CATV optical transmitter and receiver
77 Satellite digital television broadcasting uplink station equipment
78 SMATV head-end equipment
79 MVDS (multi-point video distribution system) equipment
80 Plasma (PDP) flat digital television receiver
81 High definition television big screen liquid crystal projection television
82 DLP (digital light processing) big screen projection television
83 Digital television bit error ratio supervising equipment
84 Digital television test Signal Generator Production equipment and test instrument for specialized techniques
85 Automatic precise chip mounter
86 Automatic-manual printed circuit precise printer
87 Hot wind loading welder
88 Multistep repetitive ray recorder
89 Plasma sediment and erosion equipment
90 Ion injector
91 Epitaxial growth equipment of compound semiconductor
92 High-speed online checkout equipment
93 Large-scale digital integrated circuit function test set
94 Specialized integrated system SOC scale test technology equipment
95 Multi-chip assembling module test technology equipment
96 Digital oscillometer (1000MHz and above)
97 Spectrometer
98 Logic analyzer

Software System Software
1 Operating system software
2 Network and communication protocol processing software
3 High level language compiler
4 Device driver
5 Embedded operating system
6 Embedded browser
7 embedded graphical user interface Support Software
8 Internet/Intranet network administration software
9 Software development and testing platform
10 Computer-aided tool software
11 Middleware (non-confidential involved)
12 Database management system Application Software
13 E-commerce software
14 Multimedia design software
15 Simulation and emulation software
16 ERP application software
17 Intelligent software
18 Information and network security software (non-confidential involved)
19 three-dimension computer-aided design software
20 Integrated circuit design computer-aided application software
21 Online storage and offline backup software

Aeronautics and Astronautics Aircraft and Support Products
1 Commercial transporter (including aerobus and airfreighter)
2 Training plane
3 general-purpose airplane
4 Parts and components for commercial planes
5 Commercial helicopter
6 Parts and components for helicopters
7 Wing in ground effect craft
8 Commercial aircraft turbine fan engine
9 Commercial aircraft gas turbine engine
10 Turbine propeller engine
11 Turbine shaft engine
12 Fan engine
13 New-type piston engine
14 Aeronautic auxiliary propulsion system
15 Parts and components for aeroengine
16 Airborne equipment for commercial plane Ground Service Equipment
17 Facilities for civil airports
18 Protective equipment for civil airports
19 Ground test equipment
20 Ground equipment for aviation experiment
21 Aeronautic test and measurement equipment
22 Specialized equipment for aeronautic manufacture
23 Specialized equipment for trial manufacture of aeronautic material
24 Aviation simulation and training equipment
25 Comprehensive test devices for airborne equipment Commercial Carrier Rocket
26 Structural components for the body of carrier rocket
27 Ground test equipment for carrier rocket
28 Mechanic and environmental test equipment for carrier rocket
29 transport equipment for carrier rocket
30 Equipment for space museum Commercial spacecraft and ground facilities
31 Electronic equipment for spacecraft
32 Optical mechanical and Electronic products for spacecraft
33 Structural and institutional product for spacecraft
34 Temperature control product for spacecraft
35 Test equipment for satellite-related product
36 Ground reception and application equipment

Opto-mechatronics Automated Machinery and Equipment
1 Convertible five-sided processing center
2 Longmen processing center
3 Numerical controlled superfine lathe
4 Numerical controlled milling center
5 Numerical controlled precise spalling center
6 Highly efficient, high precision numerical controlled flat sharpener (precision accuracy<0.5¶Ő)
7 Numerical controlled high precision sharpener for internal and external circles (precision accuracy<0.5¶Ő)
8 Numerical controlled cutter sharpener (principal coordinate interlocked)
9 Numerical controlled low-speed cross-threading, electric-spark line cutting machine
10 Numerical controlled tooth wimbling, milling machine
11 Numerical controlled precise hobber
12 Numerical controlled tooth-milling machine with worm and abrasive wheel and numerical controlled shaping machine with abrasive wheel
13 FTL flexible cone production line
14 Numerical controlled mechanical press
15 Punching-shear compound processing machine
16 Plate multi-point shaping machine press without modules
17 Industrial robot and intelligent robot
18 Laser cutting and welding suite
19 Precise laser processing and erosion suite
20 Vacuo ion-ailming equipment
21 High-speed super-hard precise cutter system
22 Numerical controlled servo system
23 Tricoordinate gauging machine
24 Intelligent cooling device for processing equipment
25 High-speed, multi-spindle processing center (main spindle speed>12000r/min, rapid speed>50m/min)
26 Numerical controlled precise tooth-milling machine with coiling umbrella and tooth gear
27 Numerical controlled multi-rod precise leveling machine
28 Numerical controlled coordinate-measuring milling center
29 Bottomup numerical controlled lathe and spalling center
30 Straightline and flat dynamo and its driving system
31 Numerical controlled coordinate-measuring grinding machine
32 Automated three-dimensional stockhouse
33 Rare earth permanent-magnet dynamo
34 Direct current pressure-modulating chopping draught gear
35 Alternating current frequency-and-pressure-modulating draught gear
36 Quarto four-color rotary offset machine and self-control system
37 Sterilizing equipment and automatisation
38 Computer jacquard weaving artificial fur machine
39 Superfine desintegrator (submicro grade)
40 Large-scale sterilized baling press
41 Weaving pill and corner loom
42 Superfine filter equipment (submicro grade)
43 Ceramic filter machine (submicro grade)
44 High-precision strip mill (10¶Őm) Key Basic Parts of Electromechanics
45 hydraumatic plunger pump and motor with high voltage>40MPa
46 High-voltage monoblock-type multiport valve
47 Low-power pneumatic valve, control valve for island use
48 High-frequency electric controlled air valve
49 Intelligent air cylinder
50 High-performance rubber obturator
51 High-temperature, high-voltage mechanical sealing
52 Non-tangible gas film sealing
53 Bearing for high speed passenger train car(1000 km/h and above)
54 Low noise bearing (vibration value < Z4)
55 Covering piece die assembly for automobile
56 Intelligent plastic-shell circuit breaker (Voltage 380V, 660V, current 1000A)
57 Intelligent chest or drawer circuit breaker for large-scale project
58 Anti-skid brake system (ABS)
59 Electron controlled automatic transmission case
60 Electric steering gear with booster
61 On-vehicle diagnostic equipment
62 Electric device for gasoline engine
63 Electric device for diesel motor
64 Transfer device for automobile alternative fuel
65 Advanced electronic sensor for automobile
66 Turbocharger for engine
67 Exhaust gas recirculation equipment for engine
68 Efficient automobile tail gas purge switch (reach Europe III Standard)
69 Fueling battery for automobile
70 High-pressure oil supply system for diesel motor (°›1600Bar)
71 Vehicle dynamic control system(VDC)
72 Active suspension system
73 Automobile collision avoidance system
74 Automobile electric antijoyride device
75 Intelligent control system for the internal environment of automobile
76 Multi-energy management system for automobile motive power
77 Air suspension system
78 Electronic Braking Device (EBD) Instrumentation and System
79 On site bus control system
80 Dynamo and control system for electric automobile
81 Electricity dispatch and management automatic system
82 Automatic system for transportation and management
83 GPS position fix, inspection, alarming dispatch system
84 Comprehensive management system for security check-out in the coalmine
85 Automatic inspection and control system for hydraulic power plant
86 Non-work automatic compensation device
87 Automatic device for power generating facilities with new energy
88 Automatic cruise control system (automobile auxiliary driving system)
89 Electronic charging management system (non-stop electronic payment system)
90 Two pass flowmeter
91 Solid flowmeter
92 On-site bus intelligent instrument
93 Liquid phase chromatograph
94 Mass spectrograph
95 X-ray diffractometer
96 X-ray fluorescence spectrograph
97 Industrial chromatograph
98 Industrial mass spectrograph
99 Near infrared spectrograph
100 Optical Emission Spectrometer
101 Laser scanning microscope
102 Scanning tunneling microscope
103 Transmission microscope
104 Scanning electron microscope
105 Laser comparator
106 Optical maser (power>2KW)
107 Total station meter
108 High-definition numeric voltmeter (with measuring range of seven bit and a half and above) 109 High-definition numeric ampere meter (with measuring range of seven bit and a half and above)
110 Industrial X-ray defectoscope (800KV and above)
111 Performance test device specialized for automobile components
112 Automatic film plating machine with electron gun
113 Overspeed ultra centrifuge (100000r/min and above)
114 VXI bus automatic test system (in accordance with IEEE1155 international standards)
115 humidity, air and ion sensitive sensor
116 Fiber sensor
117 photoelectric sensor
118 Single lens reflex with high performance
119 Digital camera(with definition of 2 million pels and above)
120 Digital multifunctional duplicating machine
121 Automatic zooming camera
122 Digital multimedia projector
123 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer

Biomedicine and Medical Equipment Biomedicine
1 TNF receptor medicine
2 Growthfactor of neurocyte
3 Anti-body tumor antigen monoclonal antibody
4 Anti-body virus antigen monoclonal antibody
5 Recombinant Streptokinase
6 Monoclonal antibody-oriented medicine
7 P53 anti-cancer agent for recombinant adenovirus
8 Hepatitis detection kit
9 Pathogen diagnosis kit
10 Tumor diagnosis kit
11 Human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) diagnosis kit(including detection kit of standard enzyme and standard golden as well as gene chip, etc.)
12 Extract of traditional Chinese medicine Chemical medicine
13 Moracizine Hydrochloride
14 Ozagrel
15 Esmolol hydrochloride
16 Celiprolol Hydrochloride Tablets
17 Levamlodipine Besylate Tablet
18 Provastatin
19 Simvastatin
20 Lisinopril Capsules
21 Ticlopidine
22 Doxazosin
23 losartan
24 Macrogol 4000
25 Tegaserod
26 Docusate
27 Mifeprex
28 Norethisterone Enanthate
29 Piperaquine Phosphate
30 Sirolimus
31 Etimicin Sulfate
32 Cefaclor
33 Maxipime
34 Cefpirome
35 Meropenem
36 Linezolid/Zyvox
37 Flutamide
38 Memantine
39 Lamivudine
40 Production of paclitaxel by biotechnology
41 Exemestane
42 Gallium Nitrate
43 Capecitabine
44 Melphalan
45 Voriconazole
46 Phencynonate Hydrochloride
47 Machloramine
48 Paroxetine Hydrochloride
49 Pramipexole hydrochloride
50 Fluticasone
51 Salmeterol
52 Ibudilast
53 Articaine
54 Gabexate Mesilate
55 Poloxomer
56 polymethacrylamine I, II
57 Polyacrylic Acid
58 Carbomer
59 Compound sodium phosphate tablets
60 Zidovudine, Stavudine Food Biotechnology and Products
61 Alkaline cellulase
62 Xylanase
63 Alkali tolerant protease
64 New type of L-amino acid
65 New type of D-amino acid
66 Glutathion
67 Chiral compound resolution or isomerase
68 L-amino acid
69 D-amino acid
70 Fungus amylose
71 High purity Metallo thionein (MT)
72 Fermentation glycerol New-type medical equipment
73 Entrapping treatment equipment with boron neutron
74 Proton treatment equipment
75 Ultrasonic transducer for medical use
76 Digital diasonograph
77 Notebook digital color diasonograph
78 Cardiac pacemaker (including intracorporal one)
79 Electric craniotome
80 Cardiac telemetric monitor
81 Endoscope for medical use
82 Eyeground camera
83 Digital X-ray unit
84 X-ray tube (including tungsten target, molybdenum target and X-CT ray tube)
85 Specialized X-ray unit
86 X-ray image intensifier
87 Positive electron tomography (PET) device
88 ¶√ single photon emitter tomography (SPECT) device
89 X-ray three-dimensional directional radiation treatment system (X-ray)
90 ¶√-ray three-dimensional directional radiation treatment system (¶√-ray)
91 Sensor for medical use
92 Standard enzyme immunity analyzer
93 Blood analyzer
94 Biochemical analyzer
95 Mechanical heart valve and invitro test device
96 Blood dialyzer (mechanical kidney)
97 Aqueduct for medical use
98 Blood vessel embolus agent and plunger material
99 Hemanalysis blood transfusion device
100 Device for reimportation of blood from his own body

New Material Metal Material
1 High damping material
2 Full-length quenching heavy rail (rail of 60, 75 kg)
3 Anti-crush oil pipe for superdeep well
4 Pipeline steel of X70 and above
5 Purified, high carbon chromium bearing steel and carburization bearing steel
6 High-quality deep-drawing steel plate for automobile
7 Expansion joint of metal bellows
8 Metal hose of high-flexibility stainless steel
9 Iron based or ironnickel based amorphous, minicrystal alloy
10 Cobalt based or cobaltnickel based amorphous, minicrystal alloy
11 Hitemperature alloy powder
12 High-performance prestress steel wire
13 High-intensity and low-relaxation prestress steel strand
14 New type structural stainless strand
15 Erosion resistant modification material for the surface of turbine blade
16 High-performance agglomeration rare earth material with permanent magnetism
17 High-performance welding rare earth material with permanent magnetism
18 Highly-insulated rare earth material with permanent magnetism
19 High-performance ferrite material
20 Rare earth permanent magnet processed by anti-shielding technology
21 welding wire and thread of drug core
22 Hydrogen-stored rare earth material for dynamic battery
23 Lithium ion electrode material
24 Niobium powder and thread for capacitor
25 Polysilicon
26 Silicon monocrystal and polished chip with diameter of 150mm and 200mm
27 Zone-melting silicon monocrystal
28 Compound semiconductor material (gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, gallium nitride)
29 Polysilicon, amorphous silicon for solar battery and battery components
30 Hitemperature superconducting material
31 Memory alloy material (titaniumnickel, copper-based and ferrum -based memory alloy material)
32 Superfine (nanometer) calcium carbide and superfine (nanometer) crystal hard alloy (including high-precision hard alloy and high-precision hard cutter)
33 Superhard composite material
34 precious metal composite material
35 New material of rare earth and application ware
36 Compound aluminum foil for radiator
37 Medium and high voltage aluminum foil of cathode capacitance
38 Large-scale aluminum alloy bar section of special type
39 Prestretching thick plate of aluminum alloy and enveloped plate of aluminum alloy
40 Precise die forging of aluminum alloy
41 High-intensify aluminum alloy material
42 PS aluminum alloy plate
43 Aluminum plate for beverage can
44 Electrified rail overhead wire
45 Superthin copper strip
46 Erosion and heat resistant copper alloy tube for exchanger
47 High-performance coppernickel and copper ferroalloy strip
48 Berrillium copper strip, wire, tube bars
49 Rare earth luminescent material (plasma panel display fluoresent material, white LED rare earth fluoresent material)
50 High temperature and senescence resistant tungsten filament
51 Magnesium alloy cast
52 Solder without plumbum
53 Processed material of magnesium alloy plate, tube and bar
54 Magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy weld assembly processed by surface modification technology
55 Foamed aluminum
56 Titanium alloy bar and titanium welding tube
57 Big-mangneto stretching material of rare earth ferroalloy and application products Inorganic Nonmetal material
58 Superfine powder of silicium carbide(SIC) (purity>99%, average power diameter: 0.5~5¶Őm)
59 Superfine power of silicon nitride(SI3N4) (purity>99%, average power diameter: 0.5~5¶Őm)
60 Superfine r-AL2O3 miropowder(average power diameter<0.5¶Őm)
61 Zirconium oxide ceramic powder
62 Highly-purified aluminium nitride powder(Aln) (powder diameter: 0.5-2¶Őm)
63 Antiseptic scavenger
64 Titanium dioxide (powder diameter 50~100nm, purity°›98.5% )
65 Silica pigment (powder diameter 10~100nm)
66 Barium titanate (purity 99% , powder diameter<1¶Őm)
67 High concentration hydrogen peroxide(content 95~98%)
68 Specialized sodium phosphate
69 Ceramic wafer
70 Inorganic splitting membrane and functional diaphragm
71 Piezoelectric ceramic parts
72 High-performance ceramic cutter material
73 Multifunctional light composite board
74 Fiber gypsum board
75 High-quality synthetic quartz crystal
76 High-performance synthetic mica and products
77 Thermotropic thermal resistor (PTC)
78 Silicon carbide ceramic
79 Silicon nitride ceramic
80 Ceramic with microwave as medium
81 BN-TiB2 current conducting compound ceramic
82 ZrO2 ceramic
83 Hitemperature resistant workable ceramic
84 Diamond membrane tool
85 Diamond drawing die
86 Artificial diamond of saw blade level
87 Cubic boron nitride crystal
88 Ceramic material and product of comb extrusion
89 Porous ceramics and product
90 High-efficiency compound thermal insulation material for external wall
91 Lightweight aggregate concrete building block (not load bearing type)
92 Multidimensional, multi-directional integrated weaving fabric and modeling fabric
93 High-intensity fiberglass and high-elasticity modulus fiberglass
94 Quartz fiberglass and product
95 Aluminum coated fiberglass
96 Grey yarn felt of consecutive fiberglass and superficial felt of fiberglass
97 Direct twistless slubbing of high-density fiberglass
98 Fiberglass cloth and thin felt for microelectronics
99 Electromagnet wave screening glass
100 High-intensity anti-bulletin glass
101 Microcrystal glass baseplate for disk
102 Glass baseplate for microelectronics
103 Infrared penetrating glass
104 Fused sealing glass for electron device
105 Quartz glass for laser
106 Large-scale quartz glass diffusion tube, crucible and bell of electronic level
107 High-performance optical quartz glass
108 Optical fiber plate, image inverter and fiber light cone
109 micro-channel plate of super second generation and third generation
110 Image inverting beam
111 Laser medical fiber and laser transmitting quartz fiber
112 Fiber preformrod, fiber and fiber cable Organic Macromolecule Material and Products
113 High anti-weathering decorative anticorrosion paint
114 Metal lighting vanish and coating varnish of CA series
115 WBC aqueous metal lighting vanish for automobile
116 cathode electrophoretic vanish with thick film of HED series
117 Paint for ship
118 Paint for aircraft
119 Rare earth cerium sulphide red dye
120 Flexible resinous plate
121 Laser image output film
122 Color ink jet printing material
123 Photoresist
124 Electronic enveloping resin
125 Ray-recording pulp for plasma color display
126 High-performance printing ink(Fineness°‹20¶Őm, acidproof, alkaliproof)
127 Superpure gas with electronic grade
128 Carbinol synthetic catalyst under low pressure
129 Conversion catalyst low water carbonizing methane
130 Catalyst of low water carbonizing CO under high temperature
131 Catalyst for catalysis and crack of heavy oil
132 FCC catalyst and accessory ingredient against the contamination of heavy metal
133 Special molecular sieve
134 Three-effect catalyst for purification of automobile tail gas
135 Special type catalyst for dearsenication of oil product
136 Aramid fiber
137 Carbon fibre
138 High-performance superfine fiber
139 High-die, low-shrinking industrial terylene filament
140 Elastic fiber
141 Electrolytic capacitor paper
142 High-performance base paper for copper-coated foil board
143 High-precision fuel filter
144 Color spray painting paper
145 Temperature-resistant sheathing paper
146 Hidronickel and Lithium battery diaphragm
147 Macromolecule splitting membrane
148 ¶Ń- alkenyl sulphonate
149 APG
150 Glucose acidamide
151 Auxiliary ingredient and additive for plastic and rubber
152 New type of leather tanning agent and auxiliary tanning agent
153 New type of leather tallow-adding agent and softening agent
154 Water-type polyurethane leather coating agent of PU series
155 Leather coloring agent and fixing agent
156 Pourpoint depressor and thinning agent of crude oil
157 Amphion polymer mud conditioner
158 High-temperature-resistant, edge-water encroaching, sand fixing agent
159 Biochemical treating compound for oily waste water
160 Citric acid diglyceride
161 Dye fixing agent of color jet printing paper
162 Polycarbonate alloy
163 Polyformaldehyde
164 Poly phenylene oxide (ppo)
165 Engineering plastics nylon 11, nylon 12
166 Polyphenylene sulfide (pps)
167 Polyimide (pi)
168 Polysulfone
169 Polyarylester (PAR)
170 Polyether ether ketone (PEEK)
171 Liquid crystal polymer
172 Organosilicon and organosilicon rubber
173 Thiocol
174 Fluoro resin
175 Fluoro rubber
176 Polyvinyl resin of medium density
177 Neutral sizing agent of spreading rosin size
178 Control agent for the second fiber blockage
179 Polymer emulsion (surface cypres)
180 Biologically degradable polyester
181 Deltamethric Acid
182 2-Chloro-5-(chloromethyl) pyridine
183 Tebufenozide (pesticide)
184 Oxaxystrobin (bactericide)
185 Flumetsulam (weed killer)
186 Rimsulfuron (weed killer)
187 Ryclosulfamuron (weed killer)
188 Ethoxysulfuron (weed killer)
189 Azolsulfuron (weed killer)
190 Fludioxonil (bactericide)
191 Cyazofamid (bactericide) Composite Materials
192 Continuous fiber enhanced thermoplasticity material (including presoaking material)
193 Pivotal aided material used in resin base composition
194 Resin base composite oar
195 High-grade sports goods with resin base composite
196 High-performance composite container
197 Special-performance glass-reinforced plastic pipe(pressure>1.2MPa)
198 Special-performance composite material and products
199 Deep water and diving composite products
200 Composite products for medical and healing purpose
201 Carbon/ carbon compound material and brake block
202 High-performance ceramic based composite and products
203 Metal based composite and products
204 Metal stratiform composite and products
205 Extrahigh pressure composite plastic tube with pressure°›320MPa
206 Precise rubber products
207 Specialized rubber fabric products
208 Aircraft tire
209 Specialized emulsion products
210 Hydroacoustic rubber products
211 New-type high speed preservative

New Energy and Efficient Energy Saving New Type Energy and Equipment
1 Solar battery and components
2 Photovoltaic generation invertor
3 Photovoltaic generation controller
4 Photovoltaic generation measuring equipment
5 Solar battery production equipment
6 Solar battery production raw material
7 Solar photovoltaic power supply
8 Water battery water pump system
9 Geothermal power generation suite
10 Automatic geothermal constant pressure water supply system
11 Tide power generation suite
12 Wave power generation suite
13 Proton exchange membrane fuel cell(PEMFC)
14 Power generation equipment for proton exchange membrane fuel cell(PEMFC)
15 New type valve controlled panseal maintenance-free lead acid battery
16 Metal hydride-nickel (MH/Ni) powered cell
17 Zinc nickel storage battery
18 Zinc silver storage battery
19 Aeronautic cadmium nickel battery
20 Lithium ion battery
21 Rechargeable non-Hg alkaline manganese battery
22 Cylinder zinc air battery
23 Non-Hg alkaline manganese battery with retention period>5years
24 1000KW and above large-scale parallel wind driven generator group
25 1000KW and above large-scale parallel wind driven generator group blade
26 Concentration and distance inspection system of wind driven power plant
27 Independent wind driven generator group controller and invertor
28 Low-heat small-scale gas turbine generator group
29 Sterling generator group
30 Megaton direct coal fluidification equipment
31 Megaton indirect coal fluidification equipment
32 Hydrogen energy generation, reservation and transportation equipment and checkout system
33 Solar airconditioning and heating system
34 Solar drying unit
35 Solar thermal power generation system
36 Biomass pyrolysis system
37 Biomass gasifiying equipment
38 Waste power generation suite
39 Specialized marsh gas power generation equipment Energy-saving Product
40 Electric diesel engine and high-pressure fuel injection equipment
41 Electric gasoline engine
42 High power of 50 tons and above direct current arc furnace
43 amorphous state alloy transformer
44 IGBT contravariant electric welding machine
45 Static reactive compensation equipment
46 600MW and above supercritical turbo power generator group
47 40MW and above combustion turbine power generator group
48 300MW and above large-scale recycling fluidized bed boiler(CFB)
49 Pressure enforced fluidizing cooperative cycling generator group(PFBC)
50 Integrated gasified cooperative cycling generator group(IGCC)
51 300MW and above large-scale air cooling generator group
52 35MW and above large-scale stay column assembly hydroelectric generator group
53 100MW and above large-scale pump storage groups
54 600MW and above nuclear power generator group
55 °ņ500MV and above extrahigh voltage direct current transmission facilities
56 Cool and heat storage device
57 New type heavy residual oil atomizing nozzle
58 Coal-water slurry burner
59 High-efficiency steam draining valve(leakage rate °‹0.5%)
60 High temperature(°›1000°ś) ceramic heat exchanger
61 Blower fan of adjustable vane adjustable axle power station
62 Low noise disrotatory booster
63 high pressure compressor for ship and vessel with working pressure °›15MPa
64 Reclaimed water treatment and recycling system
65 clean coal suite and device
66 Device for comprehensive utilizing of waste gas, waste liquor and water residue
67 Comprehensive utilizing device of worn-out tyres

Environmental Protection Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Equipment
1 Large-scale bag type collector
2 Horizontal electrical precipitator
3 High temperature resistant filtering material
4 (Semi-) Dry stack gas desulfurization suite
5 Wet stack gas desulfurization
6 Low NOX combustion train
7 Stack-gas denitrification suite
8 High-efficiency acid mist purifier
9 Industrial organic waste gas purifier
10 High-efficiency ternary catalyzing and purifying apparatus
11 Purifying device for exhaust air emitted by diesel oil automobile Water Pollution Prevention and Control Equipment
12 Belt press filter with concentration and dehydration integrated
13 Horizontal screw centrifugal dehydrator
14 Automatic filter
15 Membrane separating device
16 Sesalination of sea water device
17 Ozonator
18 Chlorine dioxide generator
19 Oxidation unit
20 Membrane electrolyzer
21 Ultraviolet disinfection unit
22 Mechanical face aerator
23 Brush aeration
24 Automatic decanting unit Solid Waste Disposal Equipment
25 High-density polythene antiseepage membrane
26 Waste compactor
27 Anaerobic fermentation device for biologically degradable organic waste
28 domestic waste incineration device
29 Waste incineration & power generation device
30 Incineration device for toxic and harmful solid waste
31 Compressing city refuse collector trunk
32 Deserted foam recycling device
33 Worn-out household appliances recycling and disposal suite
34 Device for power generating by marsh gas in the landfill
35 CNG generating and reserving suite by marsh gas in the landfill Environment Monitoring Instrument 36 PM10 automatic sampler and calcimeter
37 SO2 automatic sampler and calcimeter
38 NOX, NO2 automatic sampler and calcimeter
39 O3 automatic monitor
40 CO automatic monitor
41 automatic sampler and calcimeter for acid rain
42 automatic sampler and calcimeter for soot and dust
43 automatic sampler and calcimeter for flue gas
44 Automatic calcimeter for automobile tailor gas
45 Portable calcimeter for harmful and toxic gas
46 Floating air quality monitoring car
47 Intermittent automatic analyzer for organic pollutants in the air
48 COD automatic online monitor
49 BOD automatic online monitor
50 Automatic online monitor for turbidity and conductance
51 DO automatic online monitor
52 TOC automatic online monitor
53 TOD automatic online monitor
54 Automatic online monitor for ammonia nitrogen
55 Calcimeter for oil content
56 Multifunctional onsite monitor for water quality
57 On-vehicle XX-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer
58 Noise spectrum analyzer
59 Vibration gauge
60 Radiation dose monitor
61 Ray analyzer
62 CH automatic monitor
63 Sound insulation and absorption material and device
64 Ventilation silencer
65 Ventilation noise suppressor and silencer
66 Silencer for pressure-reducing-and-relieving valves of blast furnace

Geospace and Ocean Reconnoitering and developing apparatus for energy sources and the mineral sources
1 Digital seismograph (equal and above 4000 way)
2 Earthquake reconnoitering data processing system
3 Electricity-driving super-deep well drilling machine
4 Apparatus and equipments for horizontal well, directional well and artesian well
5 MWD well meteraging apparatus
6 Bore well slurry fixing equipment and combination gas floor protective agent
7 Digital deep petroleum well drilling machine
8 Super-deep well mending preparation
9 Portable geologic radar
10 Measuring and disaster-forecasting apparatus for under -wells and mines
11 Mill running apparatus for those poly-elements, meticulous granule metal minerals and those difficult to select ones
12 Multi-functional electric reconnoitering apparatus
13 Aviation electric and drgama energy chart measuring apparatus
14 Under-well gravity and three-heft magnetometer (<10nT)
15 High-precision measuring apparatus for tiny-gal gravity and aviation gravity
16 Portable field geologic information gathering and processing apparatus with the function of GPS and GIS
17 On-the-spot field fast analytic apparatus for chemical elements Equipments for engineering meteraging and globe physical observation
18 Digital triangle measuring system
19 Digital programmed system for three-dimensional topography model (acreage>1000°Ń1000mm, horizontal error<1mm, altitude error <0.5mm)
20 Super-wide frequency band seismograph (¶’<5cm, frequency band0.01-50HZ, equivalentquaking speed noise<10-9m/s)
21 Earthquake data processing system
22 Extensive under-well earthquake and auspice measuring apparatus
23 Long-time controlled precise epicenter system
24 Engineering acceleration measuring system.
25 High-precision GPS receiver (precision 1mm + 1ppmm)
26 INSAR graphics receiving and processing system
27 Absolute gravimeter with the precision less than 1gal
28 Satellite gravimeter
29 Doppler weather radar (adopting coherent technology or double polarization technology)
30 Electronic sounding apparatus
31 Auto- remote sensing weather station
32 Meteorological satellite receiving and processing system.
33 Visibility measuring apparatus
34 Intelligent meteorological sensor (including temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, precipitation, dew point and solar irradiance)
35 Anti lightning stroke system
36 Multilevel soot and dust sampler
37 Micaps meteorological graphics interchange system
38 Acoustic anemoscope (applicable to land and ocean) Foundation Stability Exploration and Checkout for Large-scale Project
39 Tunnel borer(TBM, gross section>20M2)
40 Big-caliber spinning drilling machine (caliber>1M, depth>30M)
41 Large-scale no-dig underground line seepage suite (towing force>100 ton)
42 Underground continuous wall borer
43 Computer-controlled automatic vertical drilling system (VDS) Ocean Inspection Technology
44 Ship-borne weather instrument
45 Flux gate compass and potentiometer compass
46 Glass floating ball (net buoyancy>25kg, Depth no less than 1500 m)
47 Wavemeter (applicable in the seashore and open sea)
48 Haulier for marine survey
49 Auxiliary deck equipment for oceanographic research ship (including hydrographic winch and undulation compensator)
50 Underwater sealed electronic connector
51 Lab salinity indicator
52 Standard seawater
53 Standard solution
54 Oceanic standard matter
55 Counter-osmosis desalinator with daily output of one to ten thousand tons
56 Low temperature multieffecient distilling desalinator with daily output of ten thousand tons and above
57 Consecutive microstraining and ultrafiltrating device
58 Marine ecosystem inspection buoy
59 Self-vicissitude ocean drifting buoy(Section depth 2000M, work continuously for 3-5 years)
60 Disposable bathythermometer(XBT)
61 Disposable measuring instrument of electrical conductivity, temperature and depth (XCTD)
62 Selfreversal deep sea floor sampling equipment (application depth>4000M)
63 On-the-spot water quality measuring apparatus
64 Intelligent transducer for measuring the water quality of the ocean (continues work for 3-6months)
65 Ocean current measuring apparatus (by the way of acoustics, mechanism and electromagnetism) 66 Navigating acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP for ship)
67 CTD section measuring apparatus
68 Acoustic responding emancipator
69 Acoustic fluviograph
70 Tide measuring system for blue water (set deep into the ocean)

Nuclear Applied Technology
1 Radiation source and production equipments
2 Neutron, electron and ¶√irradiation equipments
3 Anti-nuclear materials and equipments
4 Ion source and equipments
5 Modified product by nuclear irradiation
6 Isotope products and manufactured goods
7 Isotope production equipments
8 Non-heavy isotope segregating unit
9 Isotope detection equipments
10 Radionuclide generator
11 Nuclear fuel component element and discreteness
12 Particle accelerator (including high-voltage multiplier)
13 Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
14 Ion and radial detection and analysis apparatus
15 Geology perambulation and mine detection apparatus
16 Nuclear apparatus for national soil investigation
17 Apparatus for nuclear radiation defense
18 Component elements for nuclear detection
19 Experimental reactor and its relevant equipments
20 Light water nuclear power plant and its relevant equipment
21 Heavy water nuclear power plant and its relevant equipment
22 Neutron breeder reactor and its relevant equipments
23 High temperature air-cooled reactor and its relevant apparatus
24 Low temperature heat-providing reactor and relevant apparatus
25 Controlled nuclear fusion equipments and its relevant equipments
26 Nuclear battery
27 Technological equipments for nuclear apparatus retirement
28 Disposion equipments for nuclear waste
29 Managing, checking and maintaining apparatus of the nuclear power plant
30 Training simulator for nuclear power plant running

Modern agriculture New breeds of choiced animals and plants 1 Breeding selection for new rice breed and new combination (including two crops of hybrid rice) 2 Breeding selection for new wheat breed and new combination (including special and hybrid wheat) 3 Breeding selection for the new breed of beer barley 4 Breeding selection for new combination of corn (including anti-insects GM corn) 5 Breeding selection for the new breed of choiced cole 6 Breeding selection for the new breed of choiced soy bean (including anti-weedicide GM breed) 7 Breeding selection for the new breed of choiced cotton (including anti-insects GM corn breed 8 Breeding selection for new hybrid breed of cabbage 9 Breeding selection for the storage-enduring GM tomatoes. 10 Breeding selection for new capsicum (hot or sweet) breed and new combination 11 Breeding selection and poison-free, fast propagation of the new breed of potatoes. 12 Breeding selection for new tea breed and the production of the tea that has no social effects of poison 13 New breed of polyploid trees 14 New anti-insect GM tree breeds. 15 Breeding selection and processing of choiced feedstuff and new breeding grass 16 Breeding selection and fast propagation for new breed of fish, shellfish and algae 17 Polyploid for fish, shellfish and algae 18 Genetic engineering for fish, shellfish and algae 19 Trigamous growth system of fish and shrimp Fine breed's embryo biologic engineering products of the livestock 20 Choiced Holstein cattle's frozen sperm 21 Choiced Holstein cattle's frozen embryo 22 Choiced cattle's sperm and embryo 23 Choiced sheep's frozen sperm and embryo 24 Choiced goats' frozen sperm and embryo 25 Choiced livestock's embryo transplanting and breeder 26 GM embryo for livestock 27 Biologic reactor and its relevant products of animals 28 Embryo biologic engineering medicine and the relevant apparatus Biologic pesticide and biologic prevention products 29 Animalcule pesticide 30 Animalcule antiseptic 31 Pesticide antibiotics 32 Peculiar botanic source pesticide 33 Peculiar creatural source pesticide 34 Natural enemy of the insects New diagnostic reagent and biologic vaccine 35 Mono-colon antibody diagnostic reagent 36 Reformed antigen diagnostic reagent 37 PCR diagnostic reagent 38 Gene technology sub-unit vaccine 39 Living carrier vaccine 40 Gene-deficiency reformed vaccine 41 Nucleic acid vaccine 42 Edible vaccine 43 Anti-peculiar antibody vaccine New fertilizer 44 Compounded animalcule inoculation preparation 45 Compounded animalcule fertilizer 46 Botanic bacterium promotion preparation 47 Stalk and rubbish rotting preparation 48 Animalcule preparation with special function 49 New fertilizer 50 Biologic organic fertilizer 51 Organic compounded fertilizer 52 Botanic stable nourishing fertilizer New high-efficiency f feedstuff and additive 53 Feedstuff nourishing additive 54 Chemical combined additive for feedstuff's use 55 Enzyme preparation for foodstuff's use 56 Biologic avidity preparation for foodstuff's use 57 Natural effective components preparation for foodstuff's use Agricultural engineering apparatus 58 Auto-controlled agricultural engineering apparatus 59 Auto-collocation and fertilization apparatus for glasshouse irrigation nourishment liquid 60 Laneway intelligent brooder 61 High-efficiency processing equipment for the seeds of agricultural products 62 Auto-revolving engrafting machine for vegetables 63 Plough-free corn seeder 64 100 horsepower tractor and low discharging diesel engine 65 High-speed rice transplanter and circumvolving rice transplanter 66 Cotton picking Machine and picking head 67 Polished seeder and seeds-picking machine 68 Tying machine, film wrapping and knotting machine 69 Hydraulic- pressure drive automatic combine harvester for corns 70 Slight drop irrigation apparatus 71 Slight drop irrigation fertilization apparatus 72 Slight drop irrigation filtration apparatus 73 Sprinkling irrigation equipment Apparatus for the storage of agricultural products and byproducts, and the processing of the new tech-products 74 Testing apparatus for grain processing quality 75 Non-damage detection apparatus for fruit and vegetables 76 Rheometer 77 Farinograph 78 Pre-cooling and fresh keeping equipment for fruit and vegetables 79 Pre-cooling and fresh keeping truck for fruit and vegetables 80 Fast pre-cooling equipment for fruit and vegetables 81 Auto-cleaning and grading equipment for fruit and vegetables 82 Slight smash and super-slight smash equipment 83 Powder non-screen separation equipment 84 Energy-saving and high-efficiency dehydration equipment 85 Energy-saving and high-efficiency juice-condensed equipment 86 Heated steamy drying equipment 87 Energy-saving and high-efficiency drying equipment 88 Ice-out equipment of macro-wave and high frequency 89 Sterilization equipment for powdery food material 90 Axenic canned equipment for containing solid and half-solid food 91 Axenic canned equipment for containing liquid food 92 Axenic wrapping wrapper 93 Advanced equipment for non-heated sterilization 94 Low formaldehyde of high density of E1 grade 95 Continuous microwave sterilization and extraction

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