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Announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the State Planning Commission, The State Economic and Trade Commission and the Customs General Administration Concerning the Removal of Import Control Measures over Commodities under

(December 31, 1995)


In order to suit the situation of opening to the outside world and reform the import administrative system of China, it is decided that from December 31, 1995, the import control measures over commodities under 176 tariff lines shall be removed:

1. the removal of import license and quota control over the commodities of chassises of motor vehicles with engines.

2. The removal of import license control over the following commodities:
(1) air conditioners without the refrigerating appliances;
(2) vehicles bodies (including cabs) except those for the cars;
(3) driving axles with differentials for motor vehicles;
(4) copy machines.

3. The removal of import quota control of the following commodities:
(1) plant oil;
(2) alcohol liquor;
(3) chemical products;
(4) sensitization materials;
(5) integrated circuit.

4. The removal of the specific catalogue control over the following commodities: squeezing machines, moulding boxes for metal founding and some mechanical and electrical products.

For the specific catalogue of the tariff number see the Appendix (omitted).

Hereby notified.

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