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Chinese legislators have recently passed new trust legislation, thereby recognizing the existence of a trust relationship. How will this impact the financial services industry and what do you see as some of the legal ramifications these new trust laws wil

What will be the impact of media and telecommunication in the 21st Century?

The emergence of a networked environment across all walks of life will transform the way people in China consume information, filter ideas and develop communities. The proactive financial policy of China's leadership is creating an unprecedented number of new productive members of a large and growing consumer class in the world's largest country. Culminating in entry to the WTO, the policy arch has been recognized as a main break through both in China and the rest of the world. As this consumer class continues to develop, the growth that it produces will fuel a major boom in Pacific and South-East Asian Carriers. As the Chinese market continues to open and Chinese spending power starts to impact more severely on the global economy, the dogged and through approach to economic reform taken by China's leadership and its vision of global economic co-operation will have innumerate benefits.



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