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At which points do tax obligations occur?

At which points do tax obligations occur?

As we all know there are many different kinds of taxes. The following shows a short list of examples when different tax obligations occur.

1. VAT

The obligation occurs at the following points: a. When sales proceeds are received or the evidence of collecting money is obtained if taxpayers sell goods or services. Payment periods can be every one, three, five, ten, or 15 days or per month. b. When taxpayers declare their imported goods at customs. The VAT for imported goods should be paid within seven days after customs fills in the tax payment certificate.

2. Foreign invested entity income tax

The FIE tax should be paid in advance quarterly within 15 days and should be declared within 5 months after the end of every year. The tax is calculated on an annual basis.

3. Individual income tax

Employers are to be the withholders of IIT. IIT shall be paid within the first seven days of every month. If there is no withholder the individual shall report the tax in person.

4. Land value added tax

Taxpayers shall provide the tax authority with property certificates, land use certificates, sales contracts, valuation reports etc. relating to the sales of real estate within seven days after transferring the real estate.


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