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What is registerable as a trademark in China?

Sound or smell is not registerable in China. Any word, device or their combination, 3D, combination of colors that is used as a trademark shall be distinctive. Marks that are considered undistinctive and therefore unregisterable include common names of goods/services, very simple marks consisting two initials represented in a simple common design, and descriptive marks such as those directly indicating the quality, main raw materials, function, use, weight, quantity or other features of the goods.

Besides, Article 8 of Chinese Trademark Law stipulates some contents which are strictly unregistrable as a trademark, e.g., those identical with or similar to the State name, national flag, national emblem, military flag, or decorations, of the People's Republic of China; those identical with or similar to the State names, national flags, national emblems or military flags of foreign countries; and those having the nature of exaggeration and fraud in advertising goods; etc.

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