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How do foreigners or foreign enterprises file trademark registration applications in China ?

Article 10 of the Chinese Trademark Law stipulates that: "Any foreigner or foreign enterprise intending to apply for the registration of a trademark or for any other matters concerning a trademark in China shall entrust any of such organizations as designated by the State to act as his or its agent". In accordance with this Article, foreigners, foreign enterprises or other foreign organizations should entrust any of the agencies designated by the State, such as Beijing Lehman IP Agent Ltd, to file trademark registration applications, or handle other trademark matters including filing trademark registration applications, filing of opposition applications and responding oppositions, filing of applications for identification of famous trademarks, filing of applications for renewal, assignment, bibliographic changes, licensing recordal of registered trademarks and filing for reference thereof, filing of applications for re-issuance of trademark registration certificates, filing of applications for withdrawal of trademark registrations, filing of applications for cancellation based on non-use in three consecutive years, filing of applications for judgments on disputes, filing of applications for cancellation of improper registrations, filing of applications for reviews against decisions of opposition, cancellation of trademark registrations as well as rejections of trademark registration applications, handling litigation on trademark infringements, conducting trademark searches, providing trademark consultancies and arranging trademark advertisements, etc.

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