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What is the standard format for a patent specification filed in China?

Besides the title, a standard description of an invention (also a utility model) patent application should include the following:

1. Field of the Invention: specifying the technical field to which the technical solution for which protection is sought pertains.

2. Background of the Invention: indicating the background of the existing technology and the problems not yet solved by that technology. Existing technology is referred to in the industry as the "prior art", the "art" being the field of technology concerned.

3. Description of the Invention: A patent also includes a list of the objects intended to be achieved by the invention, followed by a statement as to what the inventors believe their invention to be and how it achieves the stated objects. The "statement of invention" usually follows the format of the claims and is often complex and long-winded.

4. Description of Drawings: providing a brief description of any appended drawings.

5. Mode of Carrying Out the Invention: describing exactly how the invention works (with reference to the drawings, if any) and how best to manufacture it or put it into practice. This can include examples and test results as appropriate.

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