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Measures Of Huaibei Municipality On The Administration Of Special Patent Funds, issued by the Technology Department of Huaibei Municipality on October 11, 2007 and will become effective on January 1, 2008

1. What are special patent funds mainly used for?

As provided in these Measures, special funds for patents are mainly used for aiding patent applications, subsidizing patent purchases and patent implementation in the administrative area of Huaibei Municipality. The scope of patent subsidization covers part of the charges of patent applications for invention patents, utility model patents and design patents.

2. What are the standards of patent subsidization provided in the Measures?

The standards of patent subsidization provided in the Measures are as follows: for invention patents - RMB3,000 per case; for utility model patents - RMB1,000 per case; and for design patents - RMB800 per case. The international standard of patent subsidization is RMB10,000 per case. Enterprises that purchase the patent technology conforming to the industrial policies of Huaibei and gain benefits from the implementation of the patented technology in Huaibei, may apply for special subsidies covering 30% of the purchase fee. The subsidies are capped at RMB300,000 per case. Each enterprise may enjoy subsidization only once for the same application on the same patent.

3. What are the requirements for subsidized enterprises to use the special funds?

The special funds for patent implementation must be used to implement the patent only. Subsidized enterprise shall submit a written report to the patent administration department on the expenditure of the funds and the patent implementation.

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