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Are Chinese patent rights automatically effective in Hong Kong?

No. For the time being, Chinese patent rights are not effective in Hong Kong.

How does one achieve patent protection in Hong Kong?
There are two kinds of patents in Hong Kong: standard patents (20 years as its term) and short-term patents (8 years). Under the Hong Kong Patent Ordinance, an application for a Hong Kong standard patent must be based on a Chinese, United Kingdom, European filing or PCT application designating China. The registration procedures consist of two stages. The first stage is to make a request to record a designated patent application within six months after the publication date of the designated application. The second stage is to file a request for registration and granting of the designated patent within six months after the granting date of the designated patent.
Applicants who seek the patent protection of short-term patents or for industrial designs can apply to the Department of Intellectual Property in Hong Kong Directly.

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