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Are there any restrictions on the software copyright?

Yes. The citizens or organizations that legally own the reproduction of software shall have the following rights without obtaining the consent of the owner:

To install and use in a computer according to the needs of use;

For purpose of maintaining files, to make a backup copy (provided that the backup copy will not be provided to other persons;

To carry out necessary revisions for the purpose of using the software in the real computer environment or improving its performance (but the revised document can not be provided to a third person unless agreed by the software copyright owner.) Furthermore, for non-commercial purposes (e.g. classroom teaching, scientific research, Execution of legal duties by state organs), a small number of software reproductions may be made without obtaining the consent of the software copyright owner and without paying any compensation. However, in such cases, the name of the software and of the developer must be stated and after the use, the reproductions should be properly kept, returned or should be destroyed.

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