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What are the characteristics of law-making in Shanghai?

As a directly administered municipality under the Central Government, equivalent to a province, Shanghai has local law-making powers under the 1982 Constitution. There is no higher authority above Shanghai other than the Central Government and national legislature. As a provincial-level authority, the law- making power is subject to the limitations imposed by the Constitution and national laws, however it has a comprehensive legal framework governing local law-making activities. Local rules are required to be published in the law gazette, the Liberation Daily and Shanghai Legal Daily within 15 days after adoption. In terms of the foreign investment legal framework in Shanghai, the principal legal framework governing foreign investment in Shanghai consists of the Rules of Shanghai Municipality on Examination and Approval Procedures for Foreign Investment Enterprises. There are also many individual rules and regulations on specific aspects of foreign business or foreign investment in specific areas such as investment in the Pudong New Area, the Hongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, the Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone, and other investment zones that are under the jurisdiction of the Shanghai Municipality.

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