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What is the procedure for the purchase and collection of an invoice?

(a) Purchase and collection procedure

An individual or enterprise that has completed tax registration as required by law will be issued a tax registration certificate, after which he or it can apply to the competent tax office for the purchase of invoice by submitting the following: identification document of the applicant, tax registration certificate or other proofs, official seal or special seal for invoices. Upon examination and approval by the tax office, an invoice collection book specifying the type and quantity of invoices to be purchased as well as the method of purchase will be issued. The applicant can then purchase the invoices from the competent tax office.

(b) Temporary purchase of invoice in other localities

An individual or enterprise in need of invoices on a temporary basis can apply directly to the local tax office. When an individual or enterprise conducts business activities in places other than the place of original tax office and needs invoices, an application can be made to the local tax office by submitting proofs from the original tax office. A guarantor is required in this case or a deposit of no more than Rmb10,000 is payable depending on the face value and quantity of invoices specified in the invoice collection book. This kind of invoices issued by the tax office where the business activities take place have to be used and cancelled within a specified period.

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