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What are the stages in the issuance of an invoice?

(a) An individual or enterprise that receives payment for the sale of goods, provision of service or other business activities should issue invoices to the payer. Under special circumstances, the payer will issue invoices to the payee.

(b) When enterprises and individuals engaged in production or other business operations purchase a good, receive a service or conduct a business activity, they should ask the payee for an invoice and must not change the description or amount shown on the invoice.

(c) Invoices should be issued in serial order within a specified period of time. Invoices in multiple copies should be issued at one time to accurately record the details of a transaction and stamped with the issuer's official seal or special invoice seal.

(d) No individual or enterprise should borrow, transfer or issue invoices on others' behalf. Unless approval is granted by the tax authority, the invoice books should not be detached for use. The scope of use for special invoices should not be extended randomly.

(e) Invoices which fail to meet the relevant requirements cannot be used as financial proof. Enterprises and individuals may refuse to accept such invoices.

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