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Professor Lou Jianbo

Education: Beijing University (LLB, 1988; LLM, 1991), London University (PhD in Law, 2001). Lecturer of Chinese Commercial Law, Cambridge University and Fellow, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, University of London (2000-present); Coordinator, UMKC/Beijing University Summer Chinese Law Program (1998, 1999 and 2000); Lecturer in Law, Beijing University (1993-present); Assistant Lecturer in Law, Beijing University (1991-1993); Lawyer, Tongzheng Law Firm (Beijing) (1993-1994); Lawyer, Colleague Law Firm (Beijing) (1994-1996). Extensive publications include: 'China's Bank Non-Performing Loan Problem: Its Seriousness and Causes', 34 The International Lawyer No. 4, 1147 (winter 2000); Chinese Real Estate Law (With Patrick A. Randolph) (2000); 'The Contemporary Socialist Market Economy and the Law of the People's Republic of China' (with Shen Zongling), in J. J. Norton (ed.), Financial Regulation in the Great China Area (2000); 'Hong Kong: An Offshore Financial Centre in the Far East - its Present and Future', 52 IBFD Bulletin No. 7 (July 1998) and 'Commercial Leasing in China'(with Patrick A. Randolph), 15 UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal No. 1 (Fall 1996).

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