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Qingxin Li


Lehman Partners Affiliate Attorney


Jinan Office



Areas of Practice

  • Corporate

Education & Professional Background

  • University of Huadong Politics and Law (1998)
  • Independent director of IPO company China Petroleum & Chemical Taishan Petroleum Company, Huayang Technology Corporation;
  • Specialist of Shandong Province State Property Committee Bidding Examination Team, special counsel for registration of Shandong Province Technology;
  • Volunteer of legal rights protection for Shanghai Stock Newspaper;
  • Standing legal counsel for Shandong Unicom, Shandong Electric Power, Nanjiao Group etc.

Work Experience

  • 1988-1993 advisor at Shandong Juristic Bureau, lawyer at Shandong Province Lawyer Affair Center, Shandong Mingyun Law Firm;
  • Presently associate, senior lawyer, supervisor at Qilu Law Firm;
  • Vice director at Shandong Province Lawyer Association;
  • Arbitrator of Dongying City Arbitration Committee;
  • Recognized as Shandong Province Excellent Lawyer in 2005
  • Advised on stock transaction for IPO company includingLangchao group, Luyin Group, Shengli Stock, Sisha Stock, Jinan General Merchandise, Bohai Group, Heibao Stock;
  • Advised on stock transaction for non-IPO company including Lunan Pharmaceutical Company, Gaomi Chemical Fibre Corp, Lunan  Fertilizer Corp, Shengli Investment Corp, Jinan Huada Corp etc., 
  • Advised on the first case on an IPO company for important property transaction in Shandong Province;
  • Advised on stock increase and application for fund qualification for Qilu Stock;
  • Advisor for acquisition of important property for Beijing Office of Shandong Province People’s Government.


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