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 American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai "AMCHAM Shanghai"(Link)

1988 – 1989

Elected by the American Business Community in Shanghai as founding Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai while working as Foreign Legal Professional at Locke Lord Shanghai office and lawyer Shanghai Foreign Law office for Foreign Economy & Trade (PRC State Owned law Firm)

4 team members

  • Edward Lehman

  • Michael Fitzmaurice

  • Mark Engel

  • Paul Contomicious

FUDAN University Shanghai Law Lecturer (Link)

1989 – 1990

Law Lecture Fudan University, Faculty of Law Shanghai, Mater of Laws Curriculum at China one of China's leading universities.

3 team members

  • Edward Lehman

  • Zhou Dun Ren

  • Xie Xiede

China Academy of Social Sciences

January 2008 – Present

Senior fellow at Chinese "Think Tank" China Academy of Social Sciences

6 team members

  • Edward Lehman

  • Zhou Lin

  • Li Shunde

  • Li Ming De

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