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Practice Areas - Skills & Expertise 1

Edward Lehman specializes in legal and commercial advice relating to direct investment, structuring of complex commercial transactions, technology licensing and intellectual property in the People's Republic of China. 

Edward E. Lehman has had over 27+ consecutive years of experience (three in Shanghai and twenty four based in Beijing) in advising multinational corporations on legal and commercial aspects of investing and doing business in China, including direct investment in joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises and holding companies, technology transfers, licensing, intellectual property matters, regulatory matters, finance and taxation. 

Direct Investments: Joint Ventures and Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprises 

1.     Assisting clients in connection with the establishment of over 100 joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises in a broad range of industries and services, including telecommunications, computers and software, automotive, aviation, energy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals, machinery, instrumentation, consumer and food products, entertainment, banking and leasing. 

2.     Advising on investment strategies and structuring and preparing and negotiating contracts and other documentation relating to the establishment and operations of enterprises.

3.     Advising clients on issues relating to existing investment enterprises, including "buy-out" conversions of joint ventures into wholly foreign-owned enterprises, "buy-ins" (adding new investors), restructuring of existing enterprises under an "umbrella" corporation, capital restructuring, dissolutions, and formal and informal dispute resolution.


Technology Transfers, Licensing and Intellectual Property

1.     Representing SUN Microsystems, GSK, Novartis, Aventis, Founder and other multinational high technology, pharmaceutical and intellectual property intensive operations on all aspects of establishing and continuing commercial operations in China.

2.     Advising on technology transfers and licensing both within the context of joint ventures and as independent transactions.

3.     Counseling clients on royalty structures and assisting with the development of methods for protecting proprietary technologies and information being licensed.

4.     Assisting clients on formulating and implementing strategies for protecting trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade names and trade secrets and in coordinating administrative and litigious enforcement actions against infringers and counterfeiters.



1.     Advising on the structuring of and assistance with the establishment of telecommunications joint ventures.

2.     Advising multinational clients on trade, investment and regulatory matters relating to satellite services, programming and the cable TV industry.


Real Estate

1.     Advising clients regarding commercial, hotel and residential property development

2.     Advising Homeowners on their rights and responsibilities

3.     Advising on the acquisition, transfer, lease and mortgage of land, land use rights and related environmental protection issues


Banking and Finance


1.     Advising clients on trade finance

2.     Advising Banks on assistance with Chinese banking regulator People's Bank of China 

3.     Assisting clients in preparing and negotiating loan documentation and letters of guarantee

4.     Advising banking clients on matters relating to the establishment of bank representative offices and branches.


Taxation and Regulatory Matters

1.     Assisting clients with tax planning and advising on the tax consequences of commercial transactions and business activities

2.     Advising clients on regulatory matters relating to specific industries including the aviation, automotive, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, banking and insurance industries.


Edward Lehman’s areas of expertise also include:

  • Licensing
  • China Contract Law
  • China Business Law
  • China Patent Law
  • China Trademark Law
  • China Corporate Law
  • China Licensing
  • Hong Kong Trademark Law
  • China Franchising
  • China Mobility/Visa Services
  • China FDI
  • Offshore Formation
  • China Import
  • China Arbitrator
  • Mongolia Corporate Law
  • Mongolian Licensing
  • Mongolian Franchise
  • Mongolia Contract Law
  • China Trade Secrets
  • China Labor Law and Policies
  • China Tax
  • Corporate Immigration
  • Mongolian Mining
  • Mongolian Finance
  • China Loan Syndication


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