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I have the "dubious" distinction" of being the first foreign lawyer to work at a Chinese law firm in mainland China. I have worked as China /Mongolia legal professional/Attorney/manager for 27+ consecutive years "on the ground". Founded a Chinese law firm which I have managed for 22+ years, founded a Mongolian law firm which I have managed for 17+ years, founded LehmanBrown China CPA. Welcome invitations from all who wish to learn more about China/Mongolian laws, policies and regulations, intellectual property protection, FCPA, accounting, tax, corporate commercial matters, and doing business in China or Mongolia. I wish to share with folks who have a passion for business/law/accounting in China/Mongolia and Asia. Happy to help my peers who are working in China and Mongolian, not just looking for business. I am happy to learn new things, meet likeminded people.,


Skype account ID:elehman



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