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Mr. Lehman and Mr. Bush meet with Wang Yonghe

31.08.11 01:40 Age: 8 yrs
Mr. Lehman and Mr. Bush meet with Wang Yonghe


Mr. Lehman and Mr. Bush meet with Wang Yonghe, the Executive Director of the China-Eu Forum Construction Committee, and Mr. Qi, the Vice-President of the BohaiRim Chamber of Real Estate. The gentlemen discuss various real estate projects in the Tianjin and Beijing areas and plan to build a theme park.


Mr. Wang began his career as a soldier almost 50 years ago. He was stationed in Ha'erbin. After fulfilling his duties in the agricultural sector, he returned to Beijing for a short period and later held a position in Shenzhen managing agricultural affairs.


Mr. Wang told us at that time, people in China trusted each other, "At that time, we would meet at a hotel and discuss business. We would stack piles of money on the ground and if the pile seemed high enough figured it was the right amount. There were no contracts in those days. After shaking hands, I would return home and know that the job would be done. The businessmen would push a wheelbarrow full of money to the bank and then go off and fulfill the task they'd agreed to do." (translation)


Mr. Qi is an advisor to the Cui Jindu, Vice-Mayor of Tianjin. He manages a number of fund management companies and is heavily involved with all aspects of foreign direct investment in Tianjin, Beijing, and Hainan Island.

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