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Lehman, Lee & Xu Cooperates with the International Trade Council (ITC)

12.05.14 20:31 Age: 5 yrs
Lehman, Lee & Xu Cooperates with the International Trade Council (ITC)

Lehman, Lee & Xu, the third largest corporate and commercial law firm in China, has joined the ITC and has been asked to serve as legal counsel in relation to the recent ban by China of UK cheese imports. As part of this cooperation the firm will provide a Pro Bono report on the background and likely purpose of the ban, as well as options for resolution of the issue and opportunities for building strong bilateral trading relationships with China. The law firm is proud to become an ITC member and to assist in developing this report, which will be presented to members of the UK parliament.

Lehman, Lee, & Xu is recognized as a leading law firm providing the best and most diversified legal services, representing many of the world's largest multi-nationals in a variety of transactions, as well as local clients in the international corporate investment arena. The Firm engages in general legal corporate and commercial practice, non-contentious and litigious, and includes an investment division, patent and trademark agency, as well as a forensic accounting and tax planning service, and has represented many of the world's most successful multinational corporations, such as Aventis Pharma, Sony, Columbia Pictures, International Paper, General Motors and Novartis.


The Firm is considered a leader of the re-established Chinese legal profession, with a team of foreign and Chinese licensed attorneys, fluent in both English and Chinese. Diverse dealings with government authorities and agencies, at central and local levels, allow Lehman, Lee & Xu to keep up-to-date on changing policies and the changing legal environment in China. The firm is happy to share this extensive experience working in China with the International Trade Council to further our mutual goal to identify and share best practices in international trade and in China business, promotion of socially and economically responsible trade, and developing sustainable trade relationships globally.


The International Trade Council is the public voice of domestic and international trade related organizations. The ITC supports industry and policymakers to build sustainable trade relationships of the highest quality through vision, leadership, collaboration, professional development, and research.


The International Trade Council is an independent, nonpartisan membership organisation, think tank, and publisher dedicated to help policy makers better understand the world of domestic and international trade. It is the ITC's mission to encourage the highest quality research through support investigator-driven frontier research across all fields related to trade and trade finance.


Lehman, Lee, & Xu was established in 1992 by a group of Chinese lawyers committed to developing excellence in the practice of law, and the introduction of modern law practices to China.


Today, Lehman, Lee, & Xu has seven offices China-wide and two branch offices in Hong Kong and Macau in addition to a liaison office in Chicago. The firm employs with more than 250 lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys and legal assistants throughout China, and provides a full range of legal services to meet the diverse need of clients worldwide.

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