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Lehman, Lee, and Xu awarded in 2014 Dealmakers Country Awards

09.05.14 03:47 Age: 5 yrs
Lehman, Lee, and Xu awarded in 2014 Dealmakers Country Awards

Lehman, Lee, and Xu is pleased to be recognized and awarded for exceptional performance in a China law firm in The 2014 Dealmakers Country Awards.


The 2014 DealMakers Country Awards recognize a select number of leading professional firms across the globe for their individual areas of specialization. Mr. Edward Lehman is particularly proud of the recognition of the firm, which he helped found, and where he serves as managing director to this day. Mr. Lehman’s over 27 years of experience on the ground in China have made Lehman, Lee & Xu into a top China law practice, and the firm’s emphasis on operating according to modern international legal standards means client’s are both well represented and well served after engaging the firm’s team of China legal experts.


Lehman, Lee, & Xu is a leading China law firm and the 3rd largest corporate commercial law firm in the country. Established in 1992, today the firm has 31 affiliated offices throughout Greater China, with more than 250 lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys and legal assistants providing a full range of legal services to meet the diverse need of our clients worldwide. Lehman, Lee, & Xu lawyers are fluent in Chinese and English, and include former China People’s Court Judges, with years of experience in China litigation and corporate law.


Lehman, Lee & Xu is committed to providing unparalleled services to our clients. The Firm has represented many of the world's most successful multinational corporations such as Aventis Pharma, Sony, Columbia Pictures, International Paper, General Motors and Novartis.


The firm’s diverse dealings with Chinese government authorities and agencies, at central and local levels, allow us to keep up-to-date on legal information and changing policies effecting the law and legal system. 


Dealmakers Monthly Magazine is an established global publication reaching out to a variety of readers to include CEO/CFO - Banks, Corporate Lawyers and Venture Capital/Private Equity Companies. With a printed and electronic distribution to over 81,500 individuals and businesses each month, the magazine’s readership is one of the fastest growing in the marketplace. Lehman, Lee, & Xu’s China Attorneys are proud to be recognized by this prestigious international publication, and strive to uphold the same standards going forward. Contact Lehman, Lee & Xu at


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