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Edward Lehman comments Rise of Birth Tourism on Dialogue

26.05.15 02:21 Age: 4 yrs
Edward Lehman comments Rise of Birth Tourism on Dialogue

Beijing –May 24, 2015 – The CCTV (China Central Television) invited Mr. Edward Lehman, the Managing Director of Lehman, Lee and Xu, to take part the CCTV live show “Dialogue” to discuss the boom of birth tourism to the United States. “Birth Tourism refers to the practice of foreign women visiting the USA in the late stages of pregnancy in order to have their child in the USA. Under USA law, being born in the USA automatically confers USA citizenship on these children.


Topics covered on the show included: what’s behind the phenomenon of swift growth of the birth tourism industry, what are the legal issues affecting birth tourism, and why does US citizenship hold so much allure? 


Mr. Lehman used his experience of over 28 years working as a legal professional in China and growing up in the US to answer several questions regarding birth tourism.  He described the allure of an American passport and why so many Chinese want their children to have one.  The new 10 year visas for Chinese citizens traveling to the US and how this affects the future of birth tourism. He also discussed the question of whether such birth tourism is a fair practice or if these people are merely exploiting the system.  Mr. Lehman’s CCTV interview can be found on Youtube, Tudou and on our LehmanLaw site under “Press Room.”


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