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China Labor and Employment, Competency Assessment and Profiling Masterclass for China Foreign Invested Enterprises by LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Labor & Employment Group

06.04.12 03:21 Age: 7 yrs
China Labor and Employment, Competency Assessment and Profiling Masterclass for China Foreign Invested Enterprises by LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Labor & Employment Group

20th April 2012 | China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Compound LEHMAN, LEE & XU Building 10-2 Dong Fang East Road (beside the Embassy of the United States of America in China) Beijing, China see


*** LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Law Firm, a leader in China's Labor and Employment practice areas, China's only Labor Law Firm which helps mainland Employers in mainland China Integrating Robust Competency Assessment in China for Recruitment in China, Performance Management in China and Profiling Personal Strengths in China Operations ***



This LEHMAN, LEE & XU China ( Labor and Employment Practice Group workshop lead by Edward Lehman ( explores the latest developments in China FIE competency profiling and China FIE assessment, highlighting practical tools for China FIE's and techniques for China FIE's that can be used to strengthen current performance and identify future potential for employees of China FIE's in Chinese and English language..

The China Labor and Employment LEHMAN, LEE & XU China program includes an overview of new research relating to Transformational and Authentic Leadership in a China FIE and the competencies required to create a positive culture under Chinese labor and contract laws, regulations and policies, essential to the China based development of a motivated and committed workforce to a China foreign invested enterprise.



Key Benefits of Attending This China Labor and Emplyment Law Masterclass

Ø  DISCOVER how Chinese and English 360 Degree Feedback can strengthen competency profiling in a Chinese foreign invested enterprise

Ø  IDENTIFY and ASSESS under Chinese laws regulations and policies the underlying strengths that drive superior performance under Chinese laws, relations and policies, in Chinese and English language

Ø  LEARN how to use China based competencies to improve performance appraisal within a Chinese foreign invested enterprise in accord with Chinese laws, regulations and policies

Ø  DEVELOP China results-focused competency models that pinpoint high potential in Chinese Foreign Invested Enterprises and work on non-compete's under the laws for these candidates.

Ø  Many More...


Course Facilitator

Edward Lehman, China Central Television Legal Commentator, one of China leading labor and employment lawyers, Mr Lehman is a 25 year resident of mainland China (Beijing & Shanghai)and is a 25 year foreign legal professional dealing on a daily basis with China's labor and employment laws with some of China's most well known foreign invested enterprises, Edward Lehman is the longest serving Managing director of any China law firm, Edward Lehman is the first foreign lawyer to work for a Chinese law firm since 1949 and is on the Board of Directors of Jiaotong University School of Law, Edward Lehman has lectured on China Labor and Employment Law at China Univesity of Politics and Law, Fudan University, Macau University of Science and Technology, Beijing Agriculture University School of Law, People's University School of Law. Edward Lehman served as a Fellow to China's "think tank" China Academy of Social Sciences where he researched China's labor and employment issues.

·         Edward Lehman has over 25 years of mainland China labor and emplyment experience based in China dealing with China Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE)

·         Edward Lehman has pioneered in China the use in Chinese langauage of the innovative 360 degree feedback design with Chinese characteristics, including the China option to direct specific questions to different groups of respondents in a Chinese FIE and at headquarters

·     LEHMAN, LEE & XU China FREE Documentation Handouts


   LEHMAN, LEE & XU China delegates to the Edward Lehman's China Labor and Emplyment masterclass will each receive feedback notes from Edward Lehman to China specific Chinese and English support competency-based coaching, a Chinese and English template for 360 degree feedback design, and China assessor training notes (that support China workshops to improve China managers’ competency China assessment skills). All China based delegates completing the China training course will also be given access to the LEHMAN, LEE & XU labor and employment package online system labor and employment organizational system.


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Claire Yao,

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