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China Compensation & Benefits Laws, Regulations and Policies Master Class by Leading Chinese & Mongolian Law Firm LEHMAN, LEE & XU Labor and Employment Practice Group

12.04.12 03:15 Age: 7 yrs
China Compensation & Benefits Laws, Regulations and Policies Master Class by Leading Chinese & Mongolian Law Firm LEHMAN, LEE & XU Labor and Employment Practice Group

 24th August 2012 8.30am to Noon at China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Compound LEHMAN, LEE & XU Building 10-2 Dong Fang East Road (beside the United States of America Embassy) Beijing 100600 China 


LEHMAN, LEE & XU Master Class Overview

China is has undergone the greatest economic transformation in the history of the world. The volatile world economy, tax planning and management structures which "hold" foreign invested enterprises is changing the way China Human Resource legal and tax professionals design China based compensation and China based benefits structure within their China foreign invested enterprise organization. Amidst China's dynamic M&A developments, China restructuring, off shore redundancy and redeployment of people from abroad to China, Human Resource, legal, and tax professionals are facing challenges in meeting up to the expectations of employees in China while meeting with China's labor and employment laws, regulations and policies. In the wake of the implementation of  requirements that foreigners pay into China's welfare scheme, measures must be taken when structuring executive compensation in a bid to avoid running afoul of China's news, laws, regulations and policies and unwanted scrutiny by regulatory authorities. 


Edward Lehman, managing director of LEHMAN, LEE & XU ( and the LEHMAN, LEE & XU Tax, and Labor & Employment Practice Groups  are pleased to present CHINA COMPENSATION & BENEFITS LAWS REGULATIONS & POLICIES   Master CLASS for China lawyers, China foreign legal professionals, in-house counsel. This LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Law Master Class, tailored to the unique needs of the China labor and employment market, will provide an insight into the latest developments in China compensation, China laws, regulations and policies which deal in labor governance and China implementation of China regulations, China current best practices in terms of managing China executive compensation, China permitted short and long term incentives, China expatriate compensation packages and new requirements to pay into the China welfare funds for expatriate compensation in China, China talent retention and many more. LEHMAN, LEE & XU and managing director Edward Lehman will share with the attendees his experiences of working as a foreign legal professional dealing with human resources issues over the past 25 years in mainland China and dealing with some of China's best known companies, the opportunity to review the China best practices of China compensation and China benefits from Edward Lehman an industry strategist and leading expert in the field, and network with LEHMAN, LEE & XU clients and other lawyers and professionals interested in labor and employment issues in China.

 This LEHMAN, LEE & XU master class is timely in convening to share their China strategies and China best practices, addressing to the challenges faced in the China management of compensation and China benefits amidst the current economic climate.

LEHMAN, LEE & XU Master Class Learning Objectives:

  • Align you China rewards and China recognition initiatives to achieve your China corporate goals
  • Recognize China specific components of the rewards system permitted under China labor laws, China tax laws and policies, that successfully retain competent China employees at different levels within a China Foreign Invested Enterprise
  • Effectively balance local Chinese nationals employees and China expatriate manpower within an FIE under China laws, regulations and policies
  • Explore attractive China compensation and China based benefit structures for continuous motivation and success within the China Foreign Invested Enterprise
  • Formulate sound China compensation & China benefits strategies to attract high potential talent to your China Foreign invested enterprise
  • Detail the core elements to enhance China compensation and China FIE planning and China innovative solutions in employee benefits under China's New Labor Contract Law


Featuring our Expert Speaker:

  • Edward Lehman,, Managing Director LEHMAN, LEE & XU China and Mongolian Lawyers, Legal Commentator China Central Television, Human Resources China Legal and Tax Planning specialist resident in mainland China for the past 25 years (Beijing & Shanghai), Former Senior Fellow China Academy of Social Sciences, Founding Governor American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Former Governor American Chamber of Commerce China in Beijing, Former Lecturer: China University of Politics and Law, Fudan University School of Law, Beijing Agricultural College School of Law, Macau University of Science and Technology, Renmin University School of Law, Jiaotong University School of Law, Member Board of Directors Jiaotong Unioversity School of Law. 

LEHMAN, LEE & XU Master Class Course Agenda:

China Restrictive covenants and protecting trade secrets in China

  • China restrictive covenants in China employment Contracts under China's New labor Contract Law, and China's labor, and emplyment laws regulations and policies
  •  Protecting your China Foreign Invested Enterprise business interests through China restrictive covenants in the labor and employment package
  •  Protecting China trade secrets in China when an employee leaves the China Foreign Invested Enterprise
  • How China compensation & China benefits are affected under restrictive covenants 

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