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 25th September 2012 8.30am to 10 am, Buffett Breakfast Included, Pro Bono hosted by LEHMAN LEE & XU China & Mongila Lawyers for China see and for Mongolian Lawyers see

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Compound 10-2

LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Building 22 Dong Fang Dong Lu ( Beside the Embassy of the United States of America in Beijing) Beijing 100600 China

Register with Claire Yao Seminar Administrator at Claire Yao 


In recent years LEHMAN LEE & XU's award winning media and advertising group (see has tracked in their legal practice for clients the undeniable China reality for china based businesses there is a huge demand from China media users for China B2C on the China social media. In China, nearly 53% believe China brands must have some presence in the new social media in China on such platforms as weibo and the interaction with Chinese based consumers must be as required in China on these platforms or by request alone in China on these platforms. In China a further 36% demand the presence of new China social media with interactions that are regular. Therefore, since these China based users are looking for China dialogue from netizens, China experience and China immediacy, if you want a China business to consumers China social media marketing plan which is IN COMPLIANCE WITH CHINA ADVERTISING, CHINA MEDIA LAWS, REGULATIONS & POLICIES, LEHMAN, LEE & XU's media and advertising practice will help you through the maze of these regulations to operate in this space safely and legally. as your business in China must provide these china specific attributes in the correct combination to succeed in China.

China has undergone the greatest economuc transformation in the history of the world. LEHMAN, LEE & XU has been adving clients in China over the past 20 years in mainland china, as the 8th private law firm established in mainland China. As the economy in China strengthens, the shift in China consumer behavior will grow stronger towards Chinese language based value. This is going to be true for not only luxury brands marketing in Chinese language, but also for sub-brands in marketing China as well as private label brands marketing in China. Companies that have already possessed a strong core brand in china and elsewhere have always found it simple to create a new China based brand or a China sub-brand to target China consumers.Collaborating with other china based businesses businesses to provide China plan on cost-effective ideas that are fast-to- China-market can result in China co-branding efforts. These enhance the China business to Chinese consumers on China social media, China marketing plan on different China media channels, while creating China exposure and extending your China brand story under China laws, regulations, and policies concerning media, advertising and intellectual property.

The main thrust agent in the China B2C China social media marketing plan is the Chinese based word-of-mouth marketing, and this will provide the best reference for Chinese consumers. Rather than push Chinese marketing, as is the norm, a China business to Chinese consumers China social media marketing plan advocates more focus on China storytelling within the China laws, regulations and policies concerning Chinese intellectual property laws, and media and china advertising laws. Therefore, your company's China brand now needs a safe and effective China character and a China personality, LEHMAN, LEE & XU can help you to achieve that goal.

LEHMAN, LEE & XU China's B2C China Social Media China Marketing Masterclass equips china based delegates with many fresh ideas from legal professionas from LEHMAN, LEE & XU experts to build China brand loyalty through strong chinese human connections by implementing china customer engagement strategies in the marketing plan in compliance with Chinese laws, regulations and policies dealing with the chinese media, Chinese intellectual property law, and Chinese advertising laws which are more restrictive than most any other country in the world. . This is a great China based learning platform to ramp up your China business and China brand name, by offering something few other law firm's can offer their clients.


Featuring Edward Lehman:

Edward Lehman (contact, is China's longest serving Managing Director of any law firm and intellectual property law firm in mainland China (Beijing & Shanghai). Edward Lehman is the first foreign lawyer to work at a Chinese State-owned law firm since 1949 and the first foreign lawyer to work at a Chinese private law firm since 1949 (a practice now which is the norm). Edward Lehman has managed LEHMAN, LEE & XU China and Mongolian Lawyers for the past 20 consecutive years. Edward Lehman is a founding Governor American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Former Governor American Chamber of Commece China in Beijing, Former faculty member: China Univesity of Politics & Law, East China University of Politics & Law, Jiatong University School of Law, Fudan University School of Law Macau University of Science & Technology Law Faculty, former Board member Jiaotong Unveristy School of Law, Senior Fellow at China Academy of Social Sciences. Edward Lehman is the legal Commentator China Central Television "CCTV". Legal professional resident in mainland China 25 years (Beijing & Shanghai). Edward Lehman is the co-founder of LEHMANBROWN International Accountants Edward Lehman counsels some of the world's leading companies on issues intellectual property and social media issues in China. Edward Lehman will present the master Class in Chinese and English language compete with case studies and hand-outs in Chinese and English.

LEHMAN, LEE & XU Course Agenda:


Convergence of China social media marketing and China mobile payment

China Alipay, China Baidu, China Google, China PayPal, and China Group on are all competing to turn the China real-world shopping experience into a China customer acquisition and China advertising channel for the social media age in china. Traditional payment organizations operating in China like Union Pay, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are also involved in china, so as to avoid losing china market share to new China players. This China session will provide real-world examples in China that can be executed immediately and safely under China's financial and SAFE laws, regulations and policies.



Who Should Attend LEHMAN, LEE & XU's Master Class:

China Marketing Managers, China Marketing Directors, and China Heads of Marketing in China B2C China companies or China divisions, who are responsible for China demand generation, China brand building, and China sales revenue generation. China based CEO's, China based legal professionals, China public relations professionals.

China Sales Directors, China Business Development Directors, and china Heads of Sales in China B2C companies or China divisions, who are interested in using China social media to grow their personal and company China brand, and generate China sales

see for more information on LEHMAN, LEE & XU China and see www.lehmanlaw,mn for more information on LEHMAN, LEE & XU Mongolian Lawyers

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