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China Compensation and Benefits master Class LEHMAN, LEE & XU 23rd August 2012

01.04.12 00:39 Age: 7 yrs
China Compensation and Benefits master Class LEHMAN, LEE & XU 23rd August 2012


LEHMAN, LEE & XU offices (see inside China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Compound (beside USA Embassy Beijing) LEHMAN, LEE & XU's Labor and Employment Practice Group Master Class Overview:

China is undergoing the greatest economic transformation in the history of the world. The China New Labor Contract Law has been in effect for years now, all employees must have a valid contract to be employed in China. Soon foreign workers will all be required to pay into a China Social insurance Welfare Funds increasing the costs to Employers by 20 percent per foreign employee. The volatile world economy is changing the way HR professionals design compensation and benefits structure within their organization in China these issues are extremely complex due to new legislation, laws, regulations and policies. Amidst China restructuring, China redundancy and China re deployment, HR professionals are facing challenges in meeting up to the expectations of employees in china and meeting the expectations of the sometimes rigid Chinese regulatory authorities. In the wake of executive compensation scandals, Chinese government officials taking bribes from foreign companies to win contracts, measures must be taken when structuring executive compensation in a bid to avoid public scrutiny and Chinese regulatory authorities ire LEHMAN, LEE & XU's award winning Labor and Employment Practice group will talk about case studies and provide hand-outs discussing best practice of a team of lawyers involved in China employment matters as "boots on the ground" for many foreign multnationals when they face labor issues in China.  LEHMAN, LEE & XU COMPENSATION & BENEFITS CHINA Master Class. This LEHMAN, LEE & XU China labor related master class is specifically tailored to the unique needs of the China market, will provide an insight into the latest developments in China compensation, China governance,  and China labor regulations, current China labor best practices in terms of managing executive compensation in China, short and long term incentives permitted under China laws, regulations and policies, expatriate compensation packages under new China welfare benefits regulations and policies, China talent retention, enforcement of China related non-competition agreements for up to three years, and many more practical China labor law related issues. Do not miss out the opportunity to meet with lawyers dealing with these matters every day in China and review the best China practices of China compensation and China benefits from LEHMAN, LEE & XU's China lawyers who have become industry strategists, and leading China experts, based upon 20 years of mainland China labor law work. Managing director Edward Lehman ( a 25 year mainland China (Beijing and Shanghai) labor legal expert resident in China dealing with issues on the ground will be addressing the challenges faced in China management of compensation and China benefits amidst the current economic climate and china changing China labor laws, regulations and policies.

LEHMAN, LEE & XU Event Objectives:

• Align you China rewards and China recognition initiatives to achieve your China corporate goals

• Recognize components of the China rewards system that successfully retain competent employees at different levels under chinese laws, regulations, and policies

• Effectively balance local Chinese and expatriate manpower in the china work unit and balanced between mainland and Hong Kong for tax issues

• Explore attractive compensation and benefit structures for continuous motivation and success in accord with China laws, regulations and policies

• Formulate sound China compensation & China benefits strategies to attract high potential talent in China

• Detail the core elements to enhance China compensation planning and innovative solutions in employee benefits in China in accord with China labor laws, regulations and policies

China Course Highlights:

China Salary & Employment Insights

• Understand the significance of remuneration in attracting and keeping the right people for your organization in the china work unit context, in relation to hong kong Special purpose vehicle

• Discover what’s motivating China employees to stay in their current roles or move on in the most dynamic economic development in the history of the world, China

• Understand the key points to consider when formulating China salary packages

• Hear about what selection processes predict the best performance and engagement  • Optimizing Cost and Benefits in china for your china work unit's China talent retention & loyalty strategy during a China's competitive business environment

• Is retention possible to achieve in china under the laws, regulations and policies?

• Examining the new role of compensation and benefits in China

• Understanding the difference in emerging (China) and mature employment markets (EU and North America)

• How to best make talent management work in China?

• Do you have the budget to be successful in China? 

The course will last from 8.30am to noon for reservations contact Claire Yao at only 40 seats available.

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