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Foreign Patent Success in Chinese Courts

10.02.10 01:00 Age: 9 yrs
Foreign Patent Success in Chinese Courts

BEIJING, China, February 10, 2010 - The Beijing Intermediate People's Court orders two Chinese companies to pay damages as foreign patent infringement case is successful.

Strix, who were established in 1951 on the Isle of Man, successfully followed through a patent infringement order against Zhejiang Jiatai Electrical Appliance Manufacturing, and Leqing Fada Electrical Appliances, who were ordered by the court to pay damages amounting to 7.1 million RMB, and 2 million RMB respectively.

Strix's patented technology, which automatically turns off a kettle appliance after reaching a certain temperature, appeared to have been unlawfully used by the two Chinese corporations in question. The court's decision, finding in favour of Strix highlights the importance of protecting foreign IPR in China. As well as emphasising the third amendment Patent Law, the result also highlights adherence to the National IP Strategy.

Strix have their manufacturing headquarters in Guangzhou. The factory opened in 1997, and employs near on 700 people.

Edward Lehman, Managing Director of Lehman, Lee & Xu highlighted the significance of this case, "Beijing's judiciary have highlighted adherence to domestic PRC legislation and to international conventions the country is a binding signatory to. Such a case goes to show that China is taken IPR infringement very seriously."

PRC Lawyer Wang Donghui concurred with Mr Lehman, "Our strong litigation department here at Lehman, Lee & Xu has represented numerous clients in protecting their intellectual property rights in domestic Chinese courts. Our dedicated and professional team are made up of lawyers with a wealth of experience, ready to protect our clients IPR". He continues by adding "our departments strength is evident by numerous awards given to Lehman, Lee & Xu in recognition of our hard work and effective representation."

Lehman, Lee & Xu is one of the first five private law firms established in the People's Republic of China. After nearly twenty years of practice and development, Lehman, Lee & Xu now has more than two hundred patent, trademark and PRC-licensed attorneys working in numerous branch offices located in the most-developed cities in China. As one of the leading IP firms in China, Lehman, Lee & Xu provides high quality legal service to its clients and has been consistently rated among the top five IP law firms in China. Lehman, Lee & Xu is also a top-three commercial law firm, and has provided a variety of commercial legal services to hundreds of clients, many of them multinational corporations (MNCs) and Fortune 100 companies. The firm's diverse catalog of commercial services covers foreign direct investment (FDI), merger and acquisition (M&A), tax, employment and many other areas. For more information about Lehman, Lee & Xu, please visit the firm's website at

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