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Chinese Pioneer Lawyer selected as leading Corporate Immigration Lawyer

08.02.10 01:00 Age: 9 yrs
Chinese Pioneer Lawyer selected as leading Corporate Immigration Lawyer

BEIJING, China, February 08, 2010 - Managing Director of Lehman, Lee & Xu, Mr Edward Lehman, selected as one of the world's leading Corporate Immigration lawyers.

Edward Lehman, founder and Managing Director of top three Chinese law firm, Lehman, Lee & Xu has been selected by his peers and client's as one of the world's leading Corporate Immigration lawyers. The award, administered by Who's Who Legal, is based upon numerous factors, with a high threshold level required to be satisfied at each and every stage, before short listing can occur.

Mr Lehman's leading expertise within the field of corporate immigration law in China is evident by him being the only lawyer within the vast legal community in China to be selected for this award. This award builds upon numerous previous legal honours bestowed upon Lehman, Lee & Xu's Managing Director. Earlier this year, Mr Lehman was recognised for his contributions and his leading competency within the field of trademark and franchising law in China.

Who's Who Legal, has for a number of years now been at the forefront of methodically searching international legal jurisdictions to find and showcase the world's leading lawyers. Their search expands to over 100 different jurisdictions.

Commenting on receiving this award, Edward Lehman said "I am very honoured to be selected as the leading corporate immigration lawyer in China. This award which collates together the world's top 410 lawyers within this field, highlights the dedication and distance Lehman, Lee & Xu will go to in addressing and satisfying our client's needs." He continues by adding "having practiced within the legal field in China for over twenty years now, my firm and I have coordinated with numerous international corporations in providing solid legal advice to their immigration concerns. This award demonstrates Lehman, Lee & Xu's ability in successfully doing this."

Lehman, Lee & Xu is one of the first five private law firms established in the People's Republic of China. After nearly twenty years of practice and development, Lehman, Lee & Xu now has more than two hundred patent, trademark and PRC-licensed attorneys working in numerous branch offices located in the most-developed cities in China. As one of the leading IP firms in China, Lehman, Lee & Xu provides high quality legal service to its clients and has been consistently rated among the top five IP law firms in China. Lehman, Lee & Xu is also a top-three commercial law firm, and has provided a variety of commercial legal services to hundreds of clients, many of them multinational corporations (MNCs) and Fortune 100 companies. The firm's diverse catalog of commercial services covers foreign direct investment (FDI), merger and acquisition (M&A), tax, employment and many other areas.

For more information about Lehman, Lee & Xu, please visit the firm's website at, or alternatively, email us on

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