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US immigration popular

15.07.15 00:49 Age: 5 yrs
US immigration popular

Presidential contenders announce America a nation in decline, American black community leaders decry racism, America has no national healthcare, the USA pension system is reportedly bankrupt, USA unemployment is high, the NYSE market is volatile, the American congress is in deadlock. Then why is the USA such a popular destination for immigration? Why do people want to "vote with their feet" to leave their country of origin and "pay" to come to America? America the immigration nation is the most favored place to immigrate. Lehman law firm can help you too to go to America. contact Renata Anna Inokomis

Investment immigration has been an increasingly popular method for Chinese people to become US citizens in the last four years.Chinese investment immigration has become an important financing method for more than half of the developers in New York.Many high-end residential communities in the US are being built with investment largely from Chinese investment immigration applicants.

The number of green cards issued through the EB-5 program grew from nearly 2,000 in fiscal year 2010 to more than 10,000in 2014.

It is said that the surge in Chinese investment immigration is because of the growth of Chinese high-income earners and the growing employment demands of Chinese overseas students.


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