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Stanford University Press is to Publish New Book on Foreign Firms’ Investing in China

20.08.10 01:08 Age: 9 yrs
Stanford University Press is to Publish New Book on Foreign Firms’ Investing in China

Lehman, Lee & Xu - August 19, 2010


In September 2010, Stanford University Press is expected to publish a new book named Foreign Firms, Investment, and Environmental Regulation in the People's Republic of China. Its author Phillip Stalley, who is an assistant professor of Political Science at DePaul University in Chicago, centers the book with one question: Does foreign direct investment lead to weakened environmental regulation, thereby turning developing countries into “pollution havens”?


There was never such a book about China that took this debate as its main focus. Phillip Stalley examines the development of Chinese law governing the environmental impact of foreign investors, describes how regional competition for investment has influenced environmental regulation, and analyzes the environmental practices of foreign and Chinese companies.


However, he only finds modest evidence that integration with the global economy has transformed China into a pollution haven. Indeed, after China opened its domestic market, the entry of foreign films largely strengthened the environmental protection regime.


Nevertheless, foreign firms (and the competition to lure them) have posed new challenges to controlling industrial pollution. Stalley identifies the conditions under which foreign investment contributes to and undermines environmental protection, offering readers a solid understanding of China's environmental challenges.


Based on existing theories, Stalley also makes hypotheses that can be tested with other developing countries.


Richard Louis Edmonds, visiting professor in geographical studies, University of Chicago said, “Philip Stalley effectively demonstrates that the environmental impact of foreign investment in China is not simply a race to the bottom but that many foreign firms have actually helped to raise standards. This book is a must for all interested in understanding the impact of foreign investment upon China's environment.”


Edward E. Lehman, Managing Director of Lehman, Lee & Xu said, “Stalley’s new book would help foreign firms know more about China’ investing environment. Also, the author’s own credentials, knowledge and experiences in China make the book more convincing and worth reading.” Mr. Lehman, who was born and grew up in Chicago and has been working in China for about 20 years, shows strong interest in the book.


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