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Lehman, Lee & Xu's Real Estate Practice Group China Master Class Seminar (Beijing)

22.03.12 00:00 Age: 8 yrs
Lehman, Lee & Xu's Real Estate Practice Group China Master Class Seminar (Beijing)

The China real estate market is booming and constantly redeveloping itself to assist the changing needs of its many emerging roles and therefore, all Tenancy Agreements and Leases in China must comply with the law. Despite of all the stated terms and conditions, problems still arise due to misinterpretations. It is essential to understand the various intricacies in drafting a tenancy agreement as well as mitigating potential problems between the landlord and tenant in China. This workshop provides an update on recent changes to the landlord and tenant laws in China. LEHMAN, LEE & XU's Real Estate Practice Group will have its professional legal experts in Beijing, China will highlight common "real-life" problems that arise in tenancy agreements and provide effective solutions to tackle them in the sometimes complex legal setting of  China. This discussion will allow you to explore and have a clear understanding on how one should draft a comprehensible tenancy agreement's in Chinese and English and to minimize potential inconveniences in China. will highlight issues of Leases and tenancy agreements in China,  Managing termination of leases and tenancy agreements in China,  Common problems in tenancy agreements in China,  Drafting effective Chinese and English leases and tenancy agreements in compliance with  Chinese laws, policies and regulations  we will also discuss leases from a  China litigator's perspective as well. 

The Speakers:


Edward Lehman is China Central Television's legal commentator, he is a 25 year resident (Beijing and Shanghai) legal professional and Lehman, Lee & Xu's managing director. Mr Lehman is China's longest serving managing director of any law firm in the People's Republic (20 years). His contact information is



Kenan Kiang is a senior  litigator with LEHMAN, LEE & XU's Beijing office, and former Beijing High Court judge. He is a graduate of indiana Law School.



Yolanda Li is a senior corporate commercial real estate lawyer with LEHMAN, LEE & XU's Beijing office and former China High Court Judge


Date April 17, 2012 8.30am to 12pm at LEHMAN, LEE & XU's Beijing office, Liangmaqioa Diplomatic Compound 10-2 Contact Claire Yao for a reservation at

Tel: +861085321919

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