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LEHMAN, LEE & XU Cross-cultural Communication in a LEGAL and BUSINESS SETTING IN CHINA

16.03.12 02:06 Age: 8 yrs
LEHMAN, LEE & XU Cross-cultural Communication in a LEGAL and BUSINESS SETTING IN CHINA


Edward Lehman Managing Director LEHMAN, LEE & XU CHINA & MONGOLIA (BEIJING) and China Central television legal affairs commentator  to present  March 30, 2012 8:30am - 12pm

Language: English & Chinese

Program Background

The program has been developed based on extensive personal experiences based on 25 years of residence in mainland China by Edward Lehman, Managing Director of LEHMAN, LEE & XU and having worked with thousands of  Westerners and Chinese working in Western multinationals in China and has been successfully tested and applied by  cross-cultural teams that have attended this program which is an annual event at LEHMAN, LEE & XU which was in the past only presented to law firm clients.. The LEHMAN, LEE & XU China program will be facilitated through a highly interactive process where the participants’ own personal experiences and explanations of important Chinese and Western cultural values, expected behaviors and traditional ways of life will stand in the center of the learning experience.

Program Objectives

• Create a greater awareness of cultural differences and their potential impact on performance• Increase the participants’ understanding, respect and appreciation of Chinese & Western values in a business and legal setting

• Identify effective strategies for how to overcome (and make good use of ) cultural differences in a business and legal setting

• Improve the participants’ ability to teamwork effectively in a multicultural team setting in corporate and legal setting

Key Learning Points

How to...

• Deal with cultural differences in thinking and working styles of Westerners and Chinese

Manage and deal with cross-cultural differences

• Establish rapport and build trust with people from diverse cultural backgrounds

• Handle challenging types cross-cultural work scenarios (case studies)

• Give & receive feedback in a culturally sensitive and effective manner (role play)

• Communicate effectively in a cross-cultural environment.

What will you learn?

For Expatriates

• How to get timely and reliable information

• Get the understanding and background of important Chinese, values and how they influence your Chinese co-worker’s behavior and how your understanding and application of these values can improve the performance of your operation in a corporate commercial setting

• To interpret Chinese behavior correctly in a corporate and commercial setting

• How to motivate the Chinese

• How to improve communication between Chinese and Expatriates

• How to give instructions in an effective way

• How to conduct effective meetings together with Chinese

• To understand the Chinese expectations and behavior in a subordinate/manager relationship For Chinese

• How to approach Expatriates directly

• The importance and practical application of important Western management values, such as accountability, assertiveness, professionalism (and others)

• How to increase your value as a global manager by improving your ability to Initiate ideas and opinions Defend and argue for ideas in a constructive manner. Convince others with confidence

• Interpret foreign behavior correctly

• How to contribute effectively in meetings

• Techniques for giving and receiving feedback / criticism

• The Meaning of "YES" and how to say 'NO' (without losing your job)

Target Audience Chinese and Western professionals working and aiming at making a career in a multicultural /international business environment.

About the speaker: Edward Lehman Managing Director LEHMAN, LEE & XU China and Mongolia Born in USA, Edward Lehman is the longest serving managing director of any Chinese law firm, 20 year, and is an award winning foreign legal professional resident in mainland China for the past 25 years (Beijing & Shanghai). He has lectured and been on the law faculty of Fudan University, China University of Politics and Law, Jiaotong University, Renmin University, Macau University of science and Technology, Beijing Agricultural College, and East China University of Politics and Law. He was a fellow for many years at the China Academy of Social Sciences (a Chinese state run think tank) and a founding governor of the american chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and a Governor of the american Chamber of Commerce China in Beijing. Edward Lehman is the legal affairs commentator to China Central television and appears on the state run media regularly.       After more than 25 years of working in the field of Inter cultural Education and management of a multicultural law firm –accumulating a vast resource of knowledge and experiences

.About LEHMAN, LEE & XU, We work with the world’s leading multinationals, state owned enterprises, practitioners, consultants,  to bring to our clients world class legal services to meet our clients needs both legal and beyond. Our clear understanding of the business environment ensure what we deliver is significantly applicable to your business in China.

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