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Invitation to Submit China Rule-of-Law Proposals

23.02.11 18:18 Age: 8 yrs
Invitation to Submit China Rule-of-Law Proposals

The U.S.-China Legal Cooperation Fund, an initiative of leading American companies engaged in trade and investment with the People’s Republic of China, supports transparent and equitable legal processes and institutions in China through funding of projects fostering the rule of law in China, to be carried out jointly by American and Chinese non-profit organizations or educational institutions.  Since 1999, it has provided more than $1.4 million in grant funding.


The Fund invites grant proposals for efforts that promote transparency and equity in legal processes and institutions, with a particular focus on one or more of the following issues:  law making and regulatory processes, labor law, intellectual property rights, dispute resolution, contract enforcement or consumer safety.  The Fund also will consider joint proposals in other areas of U.S.-China legal cooperation.


Proposers are strongly encouraged to contemplate expanding the impact of their projects beyond the direct participants, through developing and disseminating print or electronic materials, media outreach or other means.


The Fund anticipates making grant awards up to $100,000, with projects to be carried out over one to three years.


The Spring 2011 deadline for submission of proposals is April 1, 2011.


Further information on the grant application process and on previous grant awards is available at

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