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Global Law Experts nomination - Franchise Law

10.01.12 18:15 Age: 8 yrs
Global Law Experts nomination - Franchise Law

Managing Director, Edward Lehman, nominated as China's leading expert in China Franchise Law by leading media outlet. Mr Lehman is a 25 year resident of mainland China. Lehman is a former research fellow at the China Academy of Social Sciences (where he worked with key decision makers who drafted the China franchise law and helped with subsequent changes) so he is uniquely qualified as a China Franchise Law Expert. He has worked with IFA over the years and foreign legal counsel to China Chain store and Franchise Association and the regulator China Ministry of Civil Affairs. Mr Lehman, was the first legal expert to translate the Chinese franchise laws to English and is longest serving managing director of any law firm in the PRC (20 years with LEHMAN, LEE & XU). The law firm is proud to announce Mr Lehman has been once again, nominated for the position as the leading China legal expert for Franchise Law in China by Global Law Experts Media 2012.

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