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Food Safety in China

13.09.10 03:30 Age: 9 yrs
Food Safety in China

Lehman, Lee & Xu, Beijing, China –September 9, 2010


As part of its efforts to reform its economy and provide for a more harmonious society, the People’s Republic of China has made great progress in increasing its food supply through increased production and diversification of its food sources. At the same time, consumers in China have been seeking improved safety and quality of the food sold on the domestic market. More recently, there has also been widespread media coverage of issues around the safety of food exported from China to overseas markets.


This considerable attention to food safety has resulted in year on year improvements in the quality and safety of both exported food and food for domestic consumption. In the case of exported food, surveys conducted by the main importing countries and regions have consistently indicated acceptance rates of over 99%. In the case of food for domestic consumption, according to the national foodstuffs sample survey, the acceptance rate of foodstuffs had reached 85.1%. China is itself also an importer of some foodstuffs; surveys show that the acceptance rate of such imports is consistently above 99%.


Despite this progress, China recognizes that, as a developing country, it still has more to do to bring its overall level of food safety, including the standards and the in-process food production controls, up to the standards of the most developed countries. It has committed itself to make further unremitting efforts to ensure the safety of the food supply, and wishes to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the international community in order to do so.


Edward Lehman, Managing director of Lehman, Lee and Xu said that “The U.S. food safety system is highly dependent on voluntary industry participation, which is motivated by the need to ensure consumer confidence. Food is also kept safe by strong consumer safety laws, independent legal system, free media, and civil society organizations. China lacks many of these institutions, most notably a strong self-regulating private sector, due in great part to such industries being protected by local governments that own them. Thus, Chinese regulators must design their food safety system around China’s unique political structure. We look forward to helping our clients solve any disputes arising from food safety.”


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