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China Employment Law and China Human Rescource Management Masterclass

16.07.12 01:54 Age: 8 yrs
China Employment Law and China Human Rescource Management Masterclass

Edward Lehman

LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers

China Labor & Emplyoment Group

China Employment Law and China Human Rescource Management Masterclass

9th October, 2012 in Maninland China

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Compound 10-2

LEHMAN, LEE & XU Building

22 Dong Fang Dong Lu, Beijing 100600 China

Time: 8:30am to 11am (breakfast included)

Languages: Chinese & English

LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Master Class Overview

Employment law in China is constantly evolving and it is a challenge to keep up with the changes. This LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers Employment Law Masterclass looks at the current hot topics which those involved in China Human Resource Professionals face on a daily basis in mainland China. It usefully combines Chinese and English formal presentations with an informal one hour workshop and real life China case studies from Edward Lehman, a legal professional resident in mainland China for the past 25 years consecutively where he has been "hands-on" with clients on these matters, and will explain in detail typical scenarios in the mainland China workplace.

LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers Learning Objectives:

Latest Mainland China Updates and recent developments on the China Law, New China Labor Contract Law and China employment law landscape and its impact on Human Resource function in China

Enhance the HR performance in China local regulatory compliance and avoid China legal pitfalls and costly China based liabilities

Tackle effectively with complex and challenging issues in China employment contracts under China's New Contract Labor Law and chinese laws, regulations and policies which control HR issues in Mainland China

Constructing an effective China strategy to compensate, benefit, discipline and terminate employees in a legal manner under China's laws regulations and policies


Featuring our Expert Speaker:

Edward Lehman, Managing Director, LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers, 25 year resident of mainland China working as a legal professional dealing with labor and human resource issues for many of China's largest companies. Mr lehman is also Legal Commentator to China Central Television. Mr Lehman is the longest serving managing director of any law firm in China and is the first foreign lawyer to work with a Chinese law firm. To contact Mr Lehman email him at

Who Should Attend LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers Labor Law Master Class:


China based HR practitioners and personnel professionals

Mainland China Employment law advisors

Mainland China In-House lawyers and advisors

Mainland China Employee relations professionals

mainland China CEO/MD/President/Directors/Line Managers

China Business Owners




LEHMAN, LEE & XU China lawyers Labor Law Course Agenda:

China Termination & China Dismissal


Mainland China Introduction of the China marketplace

Termination of Employment in mainland China

Resignation and dismissal in mainland china: China notice period is observed, or China salary is paid in lieu of notice under Chinese laws, regulations and policies

Summary dismissal in China (is it possible)and constructive dismissal (is it possible): dismissal without notice in China or salary in lieuof notice under Chinese laws, regulations and policies.

Why the mainland China market is special

Expiry of a China Contract

Practical Considerations when terminating an employee in Mainland China

Termination and related clauses in Mainland china Labor Contracts

Reliefs and Remedies under Chinese laws, regulations and policies

Dispute Resolution at China Labor Arbitration Commission


Privacy, Confidentiality and Related Issues in Mainland China Under Chinese laws, regulations and policies as it applies to China Labor


Privacy & Confidentiality in an Organization in Mainland China 

What is Confidential Information in Mainland China?

What is a Trade Secret in mainland China? How to protect same? A practical approach

China Employees Duties & Obligations under Chinese laws, regulations and policies

Where does it say? Does it really matter?

The China Employers/FIE?SOE's

What do I need to do to protect hidden assets in mainland China?

The Legal Principles in Mainland China

Conditions to establish a claim in a breach of confidentiality dispute in China

The Available Remedies in China

What can Employers seek for in an action in mainland China?

Anti-Competition or Competition in Mainland china

Where does the pendulum swing in Mainland China?

During and after Employment in Mainland China

Practical solution to achieve a win-win situation to secure secrets after employment in mainland china

The latest development in China legislation and what is the effect in China commercial development

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Seats limited to 30, priority to LEHMAN, LEE & XU clients


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