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China contract Law & service level Agreements Masterclass

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China contract Law & service level Agreements Masterclass


China Contract Law & Service Level Agreements Masterclass

Date: 6th September 2012

Time:8:30am to 11am (Breakfast Provided)

Limited to 20 attendees (clients take priority)

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liangmaqiao Compound 10-2, LEHMAN, LEE & XU Building 22 Dong Fang Dong Lu Beijing 100600 China



LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers Master Class Overview

In China, contracting professionals plays a vital role in increasingly what has become a complex commercial environment as China has undergone the greatest economic development in the history of the world. With improved contracting in China and commitment management in China a foreign invested enterprise can open doors to a whole new world of maximizing the value contributed to the business enterprise in China.


Entering into a China Contract or China Service Level Agreement can be a complex task with enormous consequences at stake for your business. Poorly prepared China negotiations, unnecessary misunderstandings in Chinese language or Chinese culture, inadequately written terms in both English and Chinese and imprudent conversations can all place a company at needless risk and lead to disputes over delivery and payment of goods, and services in China. For those in China with responsibility for negotiating Chinese contracts, authorizing Chinese Contracts, or managing important China commercial contracts and China service level agreements but with no China legal qualifications or less than stellar English or Chinese skills, it is vital that you guard against possible mistakes in Chinese and English so it doesn’t translate into expensive service disruption in China and litigation in China People's Courts. A Beijing based briefing for non-China lawyers who negotiate in China, authorize in China or manage China commercial contracts. This LEHMAN, LEE & XU Master Class will bringing together senior executives in small and mid cap foreign invested enterprises, who have limited China legal experience but who are responsible for negotiating in China, authorizing in China and managing China commercial contracts and China service level agreements, China contract law and China service level agreements Masterclass is for China Foreign Invested Enterprises' senior executives across all industries.


New approaches and perspectives in China will be shared by managing director Edward Lehman. Effective China contracting policies and China best practices have become essential enablers to China commercial success. In only two and a half hours, you will learn how to successfully enter, negotiate and manage China commercial contracts, with a specific focus on the China service level agreements used in key service industries in China. This China Law LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers (see masterclass will guide you through the essential elements of managing China contracts and China service level agreements.


LEHMAN, LEE & XU Master Class Learning Objectives:


Gain from a hands on legal professional resident in mainland China 25 years Edward Lehman's practical experiences in Chinese and English tactical amendments of China-based contracts to optimize China project delivery

Examine and explore enforceable remedies in China to prevent China contractual breaches

Implement effective China frameworks for managing China based contract risks

Implement effective China contract auditing systems that deliver measurable improvements in financial and operational performance in China

Strengthen China contracts in Chinese and English to avoid China disputes and reduce risk exposure to your China foreign invested enterprise

China based insights and immediate implications of China contract management practical sessions Edward Lehman a China leading commercial contract expert to maximize your China operational and China financial performance and minimizing China based risk

Learn how to draft China based commercially acceptable and China legally effective indemnity, China exclusion and China liquidated damages clauses that are in accord toy Chinese laws regulations and policies

Implement strategies to ensure your China contracts in Chinese and English are plainly expressed and risk-managed

Establish the ground rules for profitable and sustainable China based contracts

Avoid cash-sapping China litigation before the People's Courts by drafting contractual terms which anticipate potential problems and by exploiting alternative dispute resolution such as CIETAC

Use China approved legal requirements to positively affect China contract performance

Protect your interests with proven China laws, regulations and policies

Minimize China legal reviews and China based mistakes in Chinese and English

Reduce the potential for China claims and China disputes upfront

Avoid other China legal entanglements

Prepare for an "exit strategy" in China commercial relationships by executing clear-cut termination strategies

Magnify your future bargaining power in China through the use of thoughtfully crafted exemption and penalty clauses permitted under Chinese laws, regulations and policies

Save your company money, time and effort by avoiding costly China contractual mistakes


Featuring our Expert Speaker:

Edward Lehman, Managing Director, LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers, Legal Commentator China Central Television. China's longest serving Managing Director of a Mainland Chinese Law Firm, frost foreign lawyer to work with a Chinese State Owned law firm since the founding of "New China" 1949.  For more information email him at

Who Should Attend:

China project managers

China procurement managers

China contract managers

China commercial managers

China HR managers

China supply chain managers

China finance managers

China IT managers


LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers Course Agenda:

 Drafting a legally effective China contracts


• What essential ingredients constitute a China contract?

• Analysis of the principles underlying binding China contracts

• Offer, acceptance and consideration in China Contracts

• Balancing legal necessities against commercial realities in China

• What formalities are required to make the contract legally binding under Chinese laws, regulations and policies?

• Contracting with the right legal entity in China, under Chinese laws, regulations and policies

• Terms to avoid or include in China based contracts

• Mistakes commonly made in forming China contracts

• Contracting with public sector organizations/State Owned Enterprises in China

The LEHMAN, LEE & XU Master Class will deal with case studies and distribute form contracts in Chinese and English, the class will be in Chinese and English language

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