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2012 Transpacific Intellectual Property Rights Seminar——Taiwan

19.11.12 01:16 Age: 8 yrs
2012 Transpacific Intellectual Property Rights Seminar——Taiwan

Intellectual Property Professionals from the USA, Japan, Germany, France and Singapore discussed on the criterion for assessing IP, IP infringements and the rectification of annulled IP.



The Patent Court has invited CAFC Chief Judge Randall R. Rader, Japan IP High Court Chief Judge Toshiaki Limura, Germany Federal Patent Court Presiding Judge Thomas Rainer Julius Voit, University of Strasburg/ China EU Law School Professor Daniele Alexandre, Lehman Lee & Xu Managing Director Doctor Edward Lehman, Singapore Transpacific IP Chairman/ CEO Guy Proulx and other IP top specialists together to attend this IP forum with local judges and technical investigators.

During the seminar, the guests firstly visited the Patent Court and acquired the general knowledge of our IP litigation procedures and current enforcement circumstances. After that, the guests together with our Chief Judge Gao Xiuzhen, all presiding judges and technical investigators had a great professional discussion in the field of Intellectual Property Law. The Presiding Judge of the Judicial Bureau Administrative Court Xu Jinchai and the Judge Lin Xinrong also participated in this forum.

The guests asked about the quantity of the IP cases accepted by our Patent Court, the time limit of the case hearing, the amount of the litigation fee and the lawyers’ service fee and the civil litigation system of the first and second trial are together heard by the same court. All these questioned have been well responded by our IP Court colleagues. The guests commented favorably on our enforcement circumstances and efficiency of the litigation. Presiding judge and other judges from the Patent Court consult the questions on the consequences of the amendment of the Japanese license law, the application of “All Conditions Principle” when identifying patent infringement in the USA, Germany and other countries, the development of the identification criterion of the design patent, whether it could be rectified after annulling the patent, etc. through intense discussion.

All participants of this seminar are satisfied with this international forum. It is beneficial to our IP law system, and it is of great consequences to the improvement of our litigation system and the resolution of the issues in practice.

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