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In this category, you can find latest news brief and updates about the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, government policies and general business and corporate news which may impact interests pertaining to investors in China.

Wednesday 15. of July 2015

US immigration popular

Sunday 08. of February 2015

Lehman, Lee & Xu Recognized by The World Bank

Wednesday 24. of September 2014

Edward Lehman Named Leading China Franchise Lawyer

Wednesday 01. of May 2013

Lehman, Lee & Xu Joins GMAC

Wednesday 06. of June 2012

Moving Notice

Friday 11. of May 2012


Tuesday 28. of February 2012

China Seminar on Apple iPad Infringement Case

Sunday 08. of January 2012

Dealmakers of 2012, China Law Firm

Friday 02. of December 2011

Moving notice - Shanghai office

Tuesday 22. of March 2011

SZSE Drafts Standards For Censure In GEM

Wednesday 23. of February 2011

Invitation to Submit China Rule-of-Law Proposals

Wednesday 19. of January 2011

China’s Tariff Policy For 2011

Thursday 16. of December 2010

China Encourages Private Capital Investment

Sunday 05. of December 2010

Anti-monopoly Litigation in China

Friday 29. of October 2010

New Tax Incentives To Boost Employment

Wednesday 29. of September 2010

Banks Permitted to Sell Each Other Loans

Monday 13. of September 2010

Food Safety in China

Tuesday 07. of September 2010

How does VAT work in China

Monday 09. of August 2010

Gome Sues Former Chairman Huang Guangyu

Sunday 08. of August 2010

Clean, green energy: a ‘how-to’ guide

Wednesday 28. of July 2010

New provisions on price control

Wednesday 28. of July 2010

SAIC Publishes Trademark Agency Rules

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