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Export, Customs and Trade

Conducting international business in the 21st century comes with numerous challenges as companies navigate various Chinese and foreign trade regulations, including those related to national security. Our professionals understand the complexities of these challenges and are here to provide efficient and cost-effective guidance through intricate regulatory landscapes. We represent a diverse array of clients, offering legal expertise in internationally complex and politically sensitive matters related to trade.

Situated in Beijing, close to the Central Government departments overseeing China's trade laws, we assist both Chinese and international clients on various trade-related issues, including:

- Foreign trade corporations (Import/Export companies): Agency, export-import licenses, Certificates of Origin, commodity inspection, standards.

- Sales of Goods contracts, technology import contracts, trade law, carriage of goods by sea contracts, letters of credit.

- Compensation trade, processing, and assembly contracts.

- Customs duties and Value Added Tax (VAT).

- Contract negotiation and performance.

- Product transportation and insurance.

- Product inspection and resolution of discrepancies.

- Adjustment of insurance claims.

- Arbitration and litigation of trade disputes.

- Import and export permits and licenses.

- Customs and tariff compliance.

- Letter of credit negotiation and administration.

- Banking and financial transactions.

- Trust and fiduciary representation.

Our expertise covers areas such as antidumping and countervailing duties, customs, economic and trade sanctions, export controls, transnational business, foreign direct investment

controls (CFIUS), trade litigation, agency representation, trade and investment policy, and national security. We provide guidance to multinational companies on compliance matters, including anti-espionage, exit ban, anti-corruption, and anti-terrorist issues. This encompasses addressing U.S. FCPA concerns related to Chinese-based sales agents, personnel, joint ventures, and acquisitions. Additionally, we offer advice on structuring compliance training programs in China, aligning with U.S. FCPA prohibitions and U.S. securities law requirements. Our legal team also advises on State Administration of Foreign Exchange Administration (SAFE), OECD, anti-money laundering issues, and provides compliance advice and representation in connection with regulatory enforcement actions and examinations.

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