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Pan Asian Oasis

Jiangsu Walsin Pan-Asian Cable Co., Ltd. (JWP) is a modern joint venture with the authorities of JSPTA. The three partners are: Jiangsu Provincial Communication Cable Factory, Taiwan Walsin Lihwa Stock Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Pan-Asian Oasis Inc. JWP has already been recognized for its quality products by winning the MPT Product Excellence Award. It is also one of the first enterprises to receive MPT Certificate of the Cable Network Entrance.


Pearson is an international media company with market-leading businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing.

Peking University

Peking University is a comprehensive and national key university in China. Peking University has become a center for teaching and research and a university of the new type, consisting of diverse branches of learning such as pure and applied sciences, social sciences and the humanities, and sciences of management and education. Its aim is to rank among the world's best universities


Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems and equipment. With a prestigious history of offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Pelco has become the most important supplier in the industry.

People's Insurance Company of China

The People's Insurance Company of China Group (PICC Group) has been the biggest insurance conglomerate in China ever since its establishment in 1949, and enjoys a prevailing market share of 79.12%. It has won a wide reputation for its human resources, utmost faith, capital reserves, business scope and personalized services.

Established in 1999, Petrecycle has developed the first process in the world (the Renew Process) that allows PET to be recycled into intermediates (oligomers) for the manufacture of food-grade packaging and / or textile at a total processing cost that is equivalent to the cost of manufacturing the packaging from "virgin" materials.
This patented process is able to take the lowest grade curbside waste packaging, and with minimal pre processing, recover a high percentage of the oligomers for PET, equivalent in purity to virgin materials.
Petrecycle has offices in Parsipanny, New Jersey and Melbourne, Australia and has recently established a pilot plant in Akron, Ohio.


Petronas, short for Petroliam National Bhd, is Malaysia's national petroleum corporation incorporated on 17 August 1974. Wholly-owned by the government, the corporation is vested with the entire oil and gas resources in Malaysia and entrusted with the responsibility of developing and adding value to these resources.

Pharmaceutical Research Manufactures of America

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) represents the country's leading research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, which are devoted to inventing medicines that allow patients to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

Pharmalicensing is the leading global marketplace for life sciences business development and licensing. Pharmalicensing provides a unique marketplace for the global life science business development and licensing community.

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin is one of the leading brand's of clothes and accessory in the world. 200,000 people throughout the world work under the trademark Pierre Cardin. With 900 licenses spread out through 140 countries, the Pierre Cardin trademark is considered one of the most powerful in the world.


Piolax have been constant in the devotion to elasticity R&D and manufacturing for almost 70 years since the company was first established as Kato Hatsujo Seisakusho.

Pirelli Cables & Systems

Pirelli Cables & Systems produces electrical cables - from extremely high to low voltage, for land, submarine and overhead applications - along with a vast range of accessories, and is the leader in turn-key projects of underwater links. Pirelli are also leaders in cable products for critical applications (resistance to extremely high temperatures, fire, chemical agents and nuclear radiation).

Platinum (China) Ltd.

With operations in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, Platinum China is a leading developer and provider of business management software applications localized for enterprises operating in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Porvair Plc.

Porvair is an advanced materials group that specializes in specific material technologies.

Powell Electrical

Powell has been manufacturing equipment for the electrical industry since its founding in 1947. That experience and a special "can-do" attitude are designed into every product and package that it produces.
Preformed Line Products Co., Ltd
PLP is a leading supplier of high quality cable anchoring and control hardware and systems, overhead and underground splice cases and related products, and high speed cross-connect devices.

Project Hope

The name Health Opportunities for People Everywhere (HOPE) is reflected in its mission: It is Project Hope's mission to achieve sustainable advance in healthcare around the world by implementing health education programs, conducting health policy research, and providing humanitarian assistance in areas of need; thereby contributing to human dignity, promoting international understanding, and enhancing social and economic development. The essence of Project Hope is teaching; the basis is partnership.


Putt-Putt® was originally based on the premise that miniature golf customers are more entertained by a game that values skill over luck. Almost half a century later, the Putt-Putt concept is successful in both domestic and international locations.

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