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Babcock Borsig Power, Inc.

Babcock power is a global leader in all aspects of steam generation products and services for power applications and the market share leader in denitrification systems for coal-fired boilers. Babcock Borsig Power, Inc. is committed to providing its customers with quality products and services that meet or exceed the customers' requirements.

Bank of China

Bank of China is the oldest bank in China, ranked one of the world's top banks in terms of capital by the banker. Bank of China is the first and the only Chinese bank that has a presence in all major continents. Moreover the bank was included in the Fortune Global 500 for 13 consecutive years.

Bank of Communication

Bank of Communication is one of the five leading commercial banks with more than 2,800 domestic branches and sub-branches over 80 big and medium cities in China. It is not only a major national bank, it was also charted as " the Bank for developing nation-wide industries".

BASF Pharma

BASF Pharma Italia comprises of two businesses: Knoll Farmaceutici Spa and Ravizza Farmaceutici Spa involved in the cardiovascular, neuropsychiatric, rheumatologic and gastroenterological areas. Their approach is based on ongoing co-operation with physicians, as they believe that establishing a productive partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and the scientific community is vital if healthcare services are to be improved.

Basic Research
Basic Research is a privately held company with an industry reputation for innovative product development and meticulous research. And while consumers may not know our name, it's a good bet they have purchased one or more of our popular formulations.
Now, with more than 17,000 national and international retail accounts and more than 32,000 doors in the USA alone, Basic Research continues its exponential growth. For example, Basic Research controls the lion's share of the total weight loss market and has the number-one selling "Prestige Cosmetic" in the entire world: StriVectin-SD?.



Bayer is an international, research-based group with major businesses in life sciences, polymers and specialty chemicals.

Beans Factory

Beans Factory specializes in enterprise-based products and solutions targeting the services industry, with a focus on financial services and relationship management. It has developed various "cans of beans" - Internet business solutions - which enable enterprises, including those providing financial, telecommunications and other services, to better profile their customers.

Beijing American Club

Beijing American Club is especially designed to satisfy the business, social and recreational needs of international business executives and their families in two completely different settings. The Club's membership structure emphasizes both family and the internationalization of the club - in many ways a reflection of traditional American and Chinese values and the international status of Beijing today.

Best Buy
Best Buy Co., Inc is North America's number-one specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances.

Founder Group Corporation

Founder Group Corporation was established by the Beijing University. It is one of the key high-tech enterprises in China. Founder Group has now explored a new arena in chemical research. The group has already caught the rapid development in precision chemical engineering and rate clay applications.

Beijing Radio

Beijing Radio was founded in 1949. It aims at promoting understanding and friendship between the people of China and people throughout the world. Beijing radio's programs include news, current affairs, and features on politics, economy, culture, science and technology.

Beijing Seanoble Food Co., Inc

Beijing Seanoble Food Co., Ltd. (formerly called Beijing Oasis H.N.F. Co., Ltd.), a subsidiary of a leading manufacturer of juices and drinks in Canada (Lassonde International, Inc.) is responsible for the manufacture, packaging, distribution, marketing and development of Rougemont products in China. Beijing Seanoble originally introduced Rougemont Beverages into China in 1995. Since then, Rougemont products have quickly become well-known for their superior quality and innovative taste. This top-selling brand became a favorite among millions of consumers in 32 major Chinese cities.

Blonder Tongue

Blonder Tongue Laboratories is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive line of electronics and systems equipment for the franchised and private cable television industries.

Boehringer Ingelheim int'l GmbH

Boehringer Ingelheim corporation is owned by a committee of private shareholders dedicated to the long term interests of the corporation stakeholders, including its customers, employees and the communities within which it operates.

Bristol Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb's mission is to extend and enhance human life by providing the highest-quality pharmaceuticals and health care products. And by living their mission and growing their company for well over a century, they are making a difference in the lives of the shareholders, employees and neighbors as well.

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